New poll question: to which type of safety demo do you pay more attention?

I’ve changed the poll question, and I’m wondering to which type of safety demo you pay more attention to: “live” safety demos done by the flight attendants, video safety demos, do you pay attention either way, or do you not pay attention either way? I’ve seen some suggest that all safety demos be live because people tend to pay more attention that way, but I’m curious to see whether others agree.

You can vote on the right side of the blog or leave a comment below.

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  1. I’m using IE 8, and the poll isn’t displaying correctly, but I would say I pay more attention to live demos just because it’s more courteous (I know, kind of irrational – as if the FAs even care if anyone is paying attention).

  2. Thanks Eric. Hmmm, is the poll displaying at the bottom of the blog instead of on the side, or is there another problem?

  3. The recorded safety videos get repetitive at least with the live demos they can make it interesting, although Ive never experienced this on UA, Southwest can make the demos funny and inclusive at times…

  4. Works with Chrome. I chose “live” although I try to pay attention either way, because I find that I tend to drift when trying to pay attention to the video ones.

    Maybe I should work on memorizing it… 😉

  5. I normally don’t pay attention at all. BTW, poll is not showing up at all in IE 6 (work is real slow to update this).

  6. It appears I’m the only one (so far) who pays more attention to a video.

    Perhaps it’s because of my work with various aspects of media production, but I enjoy watching them with a critical eye to their production values. This in turn keeps me interested in the video, even when I’ve seen it multiple times.

    Perhaps, too, it’s because they’re usually easier to understand (and harder to ignore) than a muffled announcement by a monotonous flight attendant. I’ve only experienced the WN-style announcement once, but if they were all like that, I’d probably pay attention (as long as the jokes were rotated every so often–the suggestion to step out on the wing to smoke is only funny the first half-dozen times).

    Routine, scripted live demos seem backwards and hokey to me, and an airline that doesn’t offer a professionally produced, slick video (I’m a sucker for Rhapsody In Blue, I must admit), feels second rate to me. (Strange I say that, since my preferred airline, AS, doesn’t even have the infrastructure for a video demo. This is indeed something many are complaining about on the FT AS forum.)

    But if you’re going to do a live demo and your company rules prohibit making the speech engagingly funny, at *least* turn the volume up so passengers can understand you! I’ve never understood why aircraft PA announcements (at least on narrowbodies–bigger aircraft strangely tend to do better) are always impossible to hear and understand…

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