National Brings Back Their Great “One Two Free” Promotion For 2017

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National Emerald Club is back with their most lucrative promotion, One Two Free.

One Two Free promotion basics

The promotion is valid for rentals between August 24, 2017, and February 28, 2018Registration is required prior to the first rental in order to qualify.

Through this promotion you earn a free one day rental after every two rentals in the US of a midsize or larger car lasting at least two days. There’s no limit to the number of free rentals you can earn. When it comes time to redeem, you can redeem up to three rental days per reservation through June 15, 2018.

Earn additional bonus points

On top of the basic part of the promotion, there are ways to earn additional bonus points:

  • Preregistered Rollover Points (U.S. Residents only): Points earned during the 2016 Promotion are rolled over when you register for the 2017 Promotion.
  • Redeem a Free Rental Day (U.S. Residents only): One-Time bonus of 300 points when you redeem a Free Rental Day earned during the 2016 ONE TWO FREE® Promotion.
  • Mobile App Download: One-time bonus of 25 points when you download the National Car Rental App.
  • Mobile App Rental: 75 points when you reserve using the National Car Rental App and complete the rental.
  • Refer A Friend (U.S. Residents only): 300 points for each Refer a Friend who enrolls in Emerald Club and completes a Qualifying Rental. Limited to 10 Refer A Friend bonuses for up to 3,000 points.
  • Email Opt In: One-time bonus of 50 points when you opt in to receive Emerald Club emails, which provide useful information, special offers and savings opportunities.
  • Opt In: Virtual Credentials: One-time bonus of 50 points when you opt in to your next membership kit electronically.
  • Weekend Rental: One-time bonus of 100 points when you rent 2-4 days with a Saturday night keep (in addition to the points you earn for completing a Qualifying Rental).
  • Weeklong Rental: One-time bonus of 200 points when you rent for 5 days or more (in addition to the points you earn for completing a Qualifying Rental).
  • Neighborhood Rental: 200 points when you rent with Enterprise Rent-A-Car at neighborhood locations (i.e., all locations other than airport locations). Limit to 3 bonuses for up to 600 points.
  • Emerald Reserve Service (U.S. Residents only): One-time bonus of 25 points when you access the Emerald Reserve Service to receive a specific car class – Convertible, Minivan, SUV or any other vehicle. Available only at major airports throughout US and Canada.
  • Latin American or Caribbean Rental (U.S. Residents only): 300 points when you rent at participating locations in Latin America and the Caribbean. To find participating locations, visit our site.
  • Rent in Europe: 300 points when you rent at participating locations in Europe (through Enterprise Rent-A-Car). To find participating locations, visit our site.
  • Take Our Survey: 50 points when you complete a brief Emerald Club survey.
  • Add SiriusXM (U.S. Residents only): One-time bonus of 300 points when you add Sirius XM Satellite Radio to a Qualifying Rental at participating locations in the Continental US (Additional fees apply).
  • Earn 5 Bonus Opportunities: One-time bonus of 75 points when you complete any 5 available bonus opportunities on your dashboard.
  • Make 3 Rentals: One-time bonus of 200 points when you complete your third Qualifying Rental.

Perks of National Emerald Club

If you haven’t used Emerald Club in the past, the main benefit worth knowing is that you go directly to the car at most airports. You choose whatever car you like in your designated zone, and then present your credentials at the exit to the parking lot.

If you’ve ever stood at a rental counter during a busy time you can probably appreciate what a huge timesaver this is, and it’s definitely worth the few minutes it takes to sign up.

You also accrue credits towards free rentals, and as the program has expanded to more markets this becomes more valuable.

Shortcuts To Emerald Club Status

National Emerald Club offers a status match program, which is an easy way to attain Executive or Executive Elite status. This gets you better cars, and a better earning rate on your rentals.

  • Hertz Gold Five Star, Avis First, and US Airways Chairman’s and Platinum Preferred are all eligible for Emerald Club Executive status
  • Hertz Gold President’s Circle and Avis President’s and Chairman’s Club members can be matched to Emerald Club Executive Elite status

Alternatively, a few credit cards offer elite status as cardholder perks. WorldElite Mastercard holders can receive automatic Emerald Club Executive status. Those cards include:

WorldElite Mastercard products

The American Express Platinum cards also offer the option to enroll online, or you can call the number on the back of your card to activate Emerald Club Executive status. This includes all the Amex Platinum cards, and authorized users should be eligible as well:

Amex Platinum cards

Bottom line

One Two Free is arguably the best promotions in the car rental industry, and best of all it’s available for about six months. While I don’t rent cars often, I know this is a promotion that many get a lot of value out of.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the One Two Free promotion?

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  1. That is an easy one. I only rent from National so will definitely guarantee my vacation rentals with this promotion

  2. The rental car industry is reeling from competition from Uber and Lyft. It makes no sense to pay $40 a day for a car plus gas and parking fees when you can easily get around with Uber at $10-$15 a trip.

  3. @John: It really depends on where you are going. If you land at a big city and have all your meetings there I could not agree more with you statement. However, if you get to an airport and have to drive sometimes 1 hours to a place, overnight and use the car to get around to meetings and customers and then drive back to the airport, Uber is not the best choice. Also, if you are on family vacation Uber does not work.

  4. That’s true in a city for the most part, but when you actually need to drive somewhere or drive around a lot a rental car often wins out. Especially because parking is often cheap or free outside of major metropolitan areas.

  5. I forgot to add, some of the bonus options appear to be targeted. For example, I just registered and don’t have the weekend rental option or the opt-in for virtual credits option. Plus my complete three bonus is 100, not 200 points. Still, it’s a great program if you are already planning on renting cars. My wife usually has a few conferences that she needs a car for during this promotion so in the past we’ve easily been able to rack up 4+ free days from it.

  6. If had made my car reservation prior to registering for promotion, but the rental dates fall within the time window, will my rentals still qualify? Or would I need to cancel and re-reserve?

  7. “US Airways Chairman’s and Platinum Preferred are all eligible for Emerald Club Executive status”

    This copy may be a bit outdated 😉

  8. if one books the reservation on like southwest airlines website for national car rental would they still get this promotion? or is it only one or the other southwest points or national points?\
    thank you.

  9. Free days expire June 15.

    I lost 11 this year because I was in Europe for a couple months and could only find Enterprise, who wouldn’t honor them.

  10. Does anyone know if Enterprise rentals at on-airport locations count towards ONE TWO FREE if you apply your Emerald Club #?

  11. Glad I saw this – I have two rentals already booked and just registered for the promotion! Emerald Aisle has always been the best option for car rentals – in my opinion.



  13. @John- Here is what the promotion FAQs say:

    Will I still earn my standard program Rental Credits or Frequent Traveler Miles/Points in addition to ONE TWO FREE points?
    Yes, you will earn your standard Emerald Club reward benefits in addition to ONE TWO FREE points on qualifying rentals.

    You can find the rest of the FAQs here:

  14. @ Dr. Moose – I thought the same thing, but it’s a targeted promotion, which I’m sure very few people qualify for. Terms state:

    Preregistered Rollover Points (U.S. Residents only): Targeted Preregistration offer to rollover points earned during the 2016 Promotion when you preregister for the 2017 Promotion. Targeted to 2016 U.S. registrants that earned 300-599 points during the 2016 promotion and never earned a Free ental Day coupon. Preregistration by 8/15/2017 required.

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