Video: Guy With 176 IQ And 6 Houses Gets Kicked Off JetBlue Flight

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This is unbelievable. The “Rants of a Sassy Stew” Facebook page has a cringeworthy video of several passengers being removed from a JetBlue flight between Long Beach and Sacramento. The video is about 11 minutes long, though is worth watching if you’re amused by this kind of stuff (however, there’s some bad language). This is one of the craziest interactions I’ve seen which has lead to passengers being removed from a flight.

The guy who gets kicked off first is an absolute nutjob, and talked about how he has an IQ of 176, makes four million dollars per year, and owns six houses. He then calls 911 to request he be let off the flight, even though they were already waiting for the door to open.

Here’s the video:


I was a bit surprised by the lack of flight attendant response. While I wasn’t expecting them to intervene too much, the nutjob repeatedly got up and confronted other passengers, so you’d think they would have at least tried to prevent him from doing so, as things could have spiraled even further.

And the lady filming the video and the one seated across from her aren’t exactly angels in this situation either…

  1. She should be sterilized for going from portrait to landscape in the middle of filming a video.

  2. ben please go on posting about really interesting things (one mile at a time)… but not about peoples stupidity (their feet or shoes onto tables and chairs, onboard fights, drunk passengers, seat reclined in Y during meals are served, etc)…

    unfortunatelly you will not educate those people… and believe my, i can really understand your level of frustration since i fly about the same quantity of miles you do.

    perhaps you could find other channels for educating?

    and also, please do not post underlining the nationality…. like a rude german, a smelly shoe american, etc. bad behaviour is the only peoples common language…. unfortunately.

  3. how was the woman screaming stfu constantly not thrown off too?!? sexism. if she were a man, she’d have been escorted off as well.

  4. oh America at it’s finest. I WILL SUE YOU !!!!!

    Not saying all of us are like that, these are just the fine examples.

  5. I think it’s possible that this fellow is suffering from a flare up or manifestation of his struggle with mental illness. The pejorative label “nutjob” seems inappropriate; particularly coming from a writer who is reportedly sensitive to other misunderstood and/or oppressed sectors of society.

  6. That obnoxious woman made me more uncomfortable than the drunk person. Just shut up! She made the situation worse.

  7. Worth watching all the way through.

    The woman yelling in row 1 should have been taken off the flight.

    She even gets a guy who was trying to defuse the situation kicked off.

    Hope the video filmer gets sued.

  8. I agree with Abby. The women saying all the f*bomb and other curse works should be removed. Traveling with children and having to be witness to that is unthinkable. Sexism or not she should have been removed or I would have removed myself from the plane. Letting an airline have someone curse that way on a plane with kids and do nothing would only happen once.

  9. Why are these posts even on this blog? I understand that they are amusing (although not for some of us who fly close to 500000 miles annually and often have to deal with such behavior), but they lower the high expectations of quality of this blog.

  10. Lady directly in front of camera could be deadheading staff. She had poker face until the end and very clearly helping/directing authorities at the end.

  11. You guys don’t know what was said about the woman who exploded in the first row before filming began so I wouldn’t rush to judgement. She mentioned thaty they were talking about bondage, and the drunk guys could have been saying some really inappropriate things about her before she exploded. What’s really crazy is how many drunk people were seated together. It’s like they planned it or something.

  12. If one makes $4MM/year and has that high of an IQ, then almost certainly he’s smart enough to fly in first class — if not a private jet — given that he has the means.

  13. If anyone here actually believes that bs salesman claiming 4mil and 6 houses, not to mention the iq…I have a few islands in Arizona to sell you. That is an average range human with borderline personality disorder and a sizeable narcissistic affect. They are a dime a dozen and the hallmark of one is compulisive lying, overinflated sense of self, dire need to one-up others and a grand belief in self superiority over all others. I won’t say it is impossible but id rate his statements being true as likely as Barack Obama being the current grand wizard of the KKK. He basically live trolled all the other passengers.

  14. OK, I am a Psychiatrist.
    This is in my mind a typical misuse of a psychiatric diagnosis to excuse the inexcusable, and to make a “Non-Apology Apology.”
    I treat daily people with PTSD, or as it has been renamed “Acute Stress Disorder,” and become angry when someone wants to turn things around, trying to make oneself out as a helpless victim.
    This is nothing more than a childish tantrum.

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