JetBlue to charge extra for more legroom

MSNBC reports:

NEW YORK – The head of JetBlue Airways Corp. said Tuesday the low-cost carrier expects to boost its noncore revenue by 60 percent this year, in part by charging passengers extra for more legroom.

“What we want … is the ability to upsell,” Chief Executive David Barger said.

Speaking at an investment conference in New York, Barger said “demand is solid across the JetBlue network,” and he assured analysts the carrier is “in the middle of a momentum story,” in spite of industrywide worries of a slumping economy and sharply rising fuel prices.
Barger said JetBlue, based in Forest Hills, N.Y., soon expects to roll out a program called “even more legroom” that will offer passengers in the first few rows and emergency exit seats of its larger aircraft additional space for an added fee. A spokeswoman declined to provide details of the plan, but Barger made it clear the single-class carrier is not planning to start offering business-class service.

Man, the airline industry has no shortage of stories in the past few days, and I see no end in sight. No doubt JetBlue is a great carrier in their category, and their legroom is probably the best in the US. The issue here comes with the fact that the back of the plane has 34″ of pitch while the front has 36″ inches. Unless they plan on adding other services, I doubt you’ll see many people willing to buy-up from JetBlue’s already generous pitch for just 2″ more. I’m curious to see what the exact details are, but something tells me this wont work too well…


  1. Cranky says the legroom difference is 4 inches (38 vs 34). I’d pay $20 extra for that on a cross-country.

  2. Yep, just saw that too, and it changes the whole equation. Since it’s not just 36″ but rather 38″ it can make quite a difference, and for only $20 it seems VERY reasonable on a five hour flight. Also, since they’re actually reconfiguring the plane I was expecting a lot of people would get it for free anyway, but it seems to be a pretty limited area now. Overall I think it’s a pretty darn good idea.

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