JetBlue relaunches their frequent flyer program

It looks like JetBlue will be relaunching their frequent flyer program this fall, and with marketing buzz words like “rewarding,” “flexibility,” and “listening to your feedback,” you know it’s gotta be good. To compare, I believe United used the “listening to your feedback” line when they wanted to eliminate meals across the Atlantic and US used it when they got rid of free soft drinks in coach (after all, airlines are there primarily for our safety). 😉

Anyway, the program is getting more complicated. Instead of earning TrueBlue credits based on the number of flights, the program is now going to be revenue based. You’ll earn three points per dollar spent (only the base fare counts), and an extra three points per dollar for bookings made on That doesn’t sound all that exciting, and actually sounds like a devaluation in and of itself. But, as The Wandering Aramean reports, it’s not quite that bad. They’ll offer bonus thresholds with certain spend levels, and it seems like the redemptions won’t be directly related to the price of a revenue ticket. So in other words it’s just like the Virgin American elevate program, only it’s completely different.

Complicated is good for the points slut that doesn’t mind trying to beat the system (and those often aren’t the most profitable customers). Complicated is bad for the average traveler that just wants to accrue enough points to (reluctantly) visit the in-laws every year.

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  1. There are people who actually want to spend time with their in-laws??? No way!

    The world is gettin’ crazier by the hour…

    Tongue, not so firmly, in cheek


  2. The thing I hated about the previous FF program was that your credits expired after a year … even if you continued to fly Jet Blue. That turned me off to them …

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