It’s quiet…. too quiet!

Well, I figured I’d have an exciting mileage run thanks to the tropical storm approaching IAD and operations being messed up as a result of it. Well, my trip definitely isn’t over, but I can only say one thing — THERE’S NO ONE FLYING! Fine, maybe planes are somewhat full, but the airports aren’t. I know historically Labor Day marks the end of the summer travel season, but the difference is night and day. Usually at this time the RCC would be so crowded that finding a seat is a challenge. Right now there are maybe 20 people in the SFO RCC, which is nothing for those that now how big it is.

The service on all of the flights has been good, Channel 9 has been on, and nothing interesting has happened. Oh well, maybe this post will change my luck.

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  1. There wasn’t a single person in front of me Thursday mid morning at EWR security on the way home. Was really kind of odd. EWR-ORD flight was probably only half full maybe too though I of course scored the screaming kid behind me the whole ride.

  2. My travel yesterday consisted of DTW-CLT-ORD (US metal — ugh) in the morning, and then ORD-SFO (UA) in the evening (arriving 11:15ish pm). All three flights were half full at most. I’ve never had three straight segments of armrests all to myself (in cattle class, no less) — it was a wonderful thing. The downside, though, is zero VDB opportunity. 🙁

    My parents are driving me to SFO as I write this, on my way to DEN — so maybe there will be an opportunity today (though I highly doubt it).

  3. I’m happy (or should I be sad?) to see that I’m not the only one.

    On one hand I love empty flights and not even having to worry about upgrades (I prefer an exit row with an empty middle to a first class seat domestically), but at the same time, as Nima said, it means no bumps. Also, it makes skykits more difficult to get since they can always offer to switch seats.

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