Glenn Tilton to Chair Air Transport Association Board

This press release speaks for itself, especially this:

“Glenn has proven time and again his strong leadership ability during the most tumultuous of times,” said ATA President and CEO James C. May.

Is it April 1 already?

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  1. Well, to be fair … the ATA does represent the airline industry … so it’s got to be the CEO of one of the major airlines.

    But still… I’d pick the CEO of Air Wisconsin over Tilton!

  2. People just dont like the decisons he is making but, he did do a good job taking UA out of ch 11 and he is doing a good job of getting UA back into a profit. Would you rather have Doug Parker?

  3. While Tilton was able to successfully lead United through Ch. 11, he has displayed very limited business plans for United as a company other than trying to merge with another airline so as to be able to exercise his stock options.

  4. Hah, funny you mention that BTA, I noticed that as well yesterday. Not only did I find it creepy, but I decided to leave a few “comments” above Tilton’s picture. 😉

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