Fox News interview with Tom Stuker

I posted earlier in the week about Tom Stuker, a United Global Services member that flew about 700,000 miles this year, essentially making him a Ryan Bingham times two. There’s now also a Fox News interview with him online, which is worth watching.

A few thoughts (and this is all on the “reporting” side):

  • More power to the PR departments of airlines, but the whole “secret frequent flyer club that never flies coach” is such garbage. Global Services members still have to wait in security lines occasionally, most definitely have to wait to board the flight, and you can bet they even fly coach sometimes. Heck, I see Global Services members in “Economy Minus” all the time on United.
  • I can’t help but laugh at the fact that they simply put “United Airlines Mileage Plus Member” under his name…. in that case I think many of us qualify for an interview! 😀
  • As a frequent flyer nerd I’m so annoyed by the fact that they don’t distinguish between different kinds of “miles.” George Clooney just wanted to collect 10 million miles, which he could have earned without ever stepping foot on a plane, since every mile earned counts towards million miler status with American. This guy, on the other hand, has 8.8 million United lifetime miles, which represents his butt-in-seat total. In other words, he has probably earned well over 20 million miles with United. He tries to clarify it towards the end, but I doubt most people have any clue what he’s talking about.
  • “Every providence in Canada?”
  • No, George Clooney doesn’t get a Global Services card after achieving 10 million miles…. gah!
  • Math fail. 40 days plus 280 days doesn’t equal a year.
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