Finally finished “Mile High”

As I posted about in April, I quickly became addicted to “Mile High,” a British show portraying a fictitious airline, “Fresh.” They won me over from the first episode I saw on YouTube, so I ordered both seasons one and two on DVD. I just finished the last episode a few minutes ago after watching three hours of this show a day for the past few days (I was extremely busy before that so had some catching up to do), and on one hand I’m happy this show is out of my life, but at the same time I’m sad that I’ve seen all there is to see in regards to the plot.

This is a show you either love or hate. If you like what you see on YouTube (a good chunk of the first season), the whole show won’t disappoint you. I thought the ending was pretty awful overall, but the show as a whole gets two thumbs up from me. While it’s anything but realistic and almost a predictable drama fest, it’s a show which involves airplanes and the employees of the airlines, no matter how fake, so I’m naturally addicted.

Oh, and I have to say one thing which bugged me throughout the show as an airline dork. The airline operates Boeing 737’s, but everytime they show a “Fresh” plane taking off there’s a shot of a 767. What the heck? Oh, and why can’t there be more FA’s that look like the “Fresh” girls?;)

Whew, now that the show’s out of my life I can get back to blogging about “real” things.

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  1. lol. You beat me by about 2-3 hours. Good job. 😉

    You gotta admit, that last episode was pretty darn silly. 🙂

  2. You’re making a dangerous assumption that t he continuity people were paying attention 😉

    Still a good bit of fun. Even the last episode was fun… (admittedly its described as “Footballer’s Wives with Air planes” – That’s ok by my account!)

    They did try a little bit with their planes. Alas the CGI’d tails of the planes didn’t quiet cut it (nor did the stand in London Airport – Paging STN!!!)

    You’ll be watching it again… and again 😉 (And humming “World is mine” by Hooverphonic” ( – Safe for work.)

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