Crazy Lufthansa Landing

I’m sure most have seen it by now, but for those that haven’t, here it is (and before people start boycotting my blog because I used Fox as a source, it was the first that came up when I did a search).

Gotta love their reporting here, though:

A jumbo jet nearly crashed Saturday as it attempted to land in the midst of a tropical storm in Germany, Spiegel Online reported Monday.

Guess ya learn something new everyday. I had no clue an Airbus 320 was a jumbo jet.

 I’m happy to see that everything ended well, because it could have been a lot worse…


  1. You think this crowd (FFs, MR’ers) is tough, try posting a Fox story to the San Francisco goth scene.

  2. If the plane attempted to land in the midst of a tropical storm – it means that Hamburg / Germany is now in a tropic landscape? Cool – maybe somebody will be so kind to let the snow disappear out of the tropic landscape behind my window….

  3. Must have been a pretty wide storm. My flight was landing in ZRH at about the same time and our 767 was in heavy turbulence through the descent to landing.. First time I’ve had such bad turbulence near the ground. The FAs advised the airport was closed after we landed.

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