Comparing first class “meal” service on American Eagle and United Express

United has long had their “Explus” regional jets, featuring Economy Plus and first class, but starting next month American is joining the bandwagon and adding first class seats to their CRJ700s. Now, there should be no need to compare meal services as they’re regional jets after all, right? They shouldn’t be flying routes long enough for a meal to be served. But of course times have changed and United is operating tons of regional jets between major markets (Chicago and New York, Denver and Seattle, Los Angeles and Seattle, etc.). And while the regional jets are quite comfortable, here’s the best you’ll do as far as food goes:

Yes, you see correctly. Those are cinnamon sugar pita chips with peppercorn parmesan spread — quite the combo!

Anyway, what I’m happy to see is that American Eagle will actually be serving decent meals in first class on their regional jets, and they’ll even feature glassware. Here’s a picture American posted of a sample meal. Seems like we can expect sandwiches, salads, or wraps, along with pita chips and sometimes cheesecake. I’d say that’s pretty darn impressive. And add to that American Eagle’s nine first class seats compared to United Express’ six seats (though there’s no Economy Plus on American Eagle)…

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  1. Looks like the Stacy’s and Peppercorn Ranch spread is in the AA photo as well, although the Stacy’s doesn’t appear to be cinnamon sugar.

  2. Delta has been serving meals of substance like the AA announcement for quite some time now. None of the meals are heated since the RJs don’t have ovens but I’ve had some very tasty salads, sandwiches, and cold pastas on my SLC-DFW legs.

  3. Is it just me that thinks this thread is fixated on food? I wonder what the blog owner weighs. The blog should be renamed something food related.

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