Coming soon: Cathay Pacific Arrivals Lounge in HKG

Reports on FlyerTalk seem to indicate that Cathay First passengers, Marco Polo Gold members, and OneWorld Emerald members will soon have access to a new arrivals lounge in HKG. Here are some details according to the thread:

– Called “The Arrival”
– Located in T2
– Open 1 Oct
– Open to CX Gold and above, First Class, and OW Emerald (not Sapphire as previously had rumored)
– 8 Shower Suites
– 29 seats
– 6 computer stations
– TV area, buffet area
– Buffet area in the morning, due to expected peak time
– A la carte in the evening
– Opening hours from 5am to midnight

My initial thought is that the lounge sounds awfully small, but I might be off.

This couldn’t have come at a better time since I’ll be flying YYZ-HKG in March on CX, and my flight gets in at 4AM. By the time I get through immigration and everything it’ll be approaching 5AM, so the arrivals lounge will be perfect since I likely won’t be able to check into a hotel until around 8AM or so.

I’m always surprised by the number of world class airlines that don’t offer this kind of a service while airlines like UA do…

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