Captain Denny’s flight schedule

The awesome Captain Denny has given me permission to post his flight schedule from now on, so I figured I’d start with the latter half of his flights this month. If you happen to be on one of these flights, please send him my regards (and of course introduce yourself as a FlyerTalker, if you are).

02/20 UA371 ORD SEA 18:20 20:57
02/21 UA827 SEA SFO 09:48 12:11
02/21 UA873 SFO IAD 13:05 21:08
02/22 UA917 IAD SEA 17:27 20:15
02/23 UA178 SEA ORD 08:33 14:26

02/27 UA757 ORD DEN 12:01 13:44
02/27 UA181 DEN MCO 15:53 21:19
02/28 UA897 MCO IAD 09:00 11:12
02/28 UA778 IAD MCO 12:21 14:35
03/01 UA37 MCO SFO 06:39 09:50
03/01 UA469 SFO LAS 10:55 12:37
03/02 UA791 LAS DEN 06:10 09:09
03/02 UA956 DEN ORD 11:46 15:15

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  1. I have read alot about Captain Denny, I wish most of the pilots are this nice. I might try to squeeze one more MR to his schedule,would be honor to meet him.


  2. What type of aircraft does Captain Denny fly? These look like a mix of 757 and A320 flights, but perhaps some of the aircraft types for these flights switch later in the month.

  3. @ Guest — Those should all be 757 and 767 flights, as that’s what he flies. If they’re not, chances are I mistyped his schedule, so please let me know if you find an error.

  4. Uh oh – JOSH now knows where captain Denny is flying …. Hopefully, they have air marshals for that flight.

  5. Darn no L fares on his flights when I’m available. Although I’ve met him several times, I have never flown with him. Maybe next time there will be a Hawaii route! 🙂

  6. It’s wrong to follow Captain Denny’s flight??? I paid for the flight and what’s wrong of saying HI to him? I don’t do anyone harm or causing anyone’s problem. I do fly to get my miles and my goal is JUST to get miles and elite status NOT greedy for skykits and more like you guys,that’s including you PAT.


  7. JOSH, chill. Those guys are just joking around. Like I always say, they tease you because they like you. 😉

    Anyway, I flew only once with Capt Denny on an ORD-LGA and it was on a 757. Got my 757 card, the book, and the business card, as well as the F upgrade. All in all, one of the best flights I’ve ever had. Also chatted with the person next to me, who happened to work for a client of ours and who reported to our direct client contact. Small world!

  8. Thanks for posting this! I don’t have any overlaps with him for the rest of this month, unfortunately, but I’ll keep an eye out for the future.

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