British Midland and Qatar Airways terminating relationship on October 28, 2012

Qatar Airways has announced they’ll be terminating their relationship with British Midland as of October 28, so the last day to book award tickets with British Midland miles for travel on Qatar Airways (and vice versa) is October 27. British Midland’s award chart for travel on Qatar Airways looks as follows:

I actually redeemed 80,000 British Midland miles for a Qatar Airways first class award ticket last year between London and Doha. You can find the London to Doha review here, the Doha Premium Terminal review here, and the Doha to London review here. It’s definitely a unique product and given that United just terminated their relationship with Qatar Airways, this is one of the few ways to fly Qatar Airways on miles.

British Midland’s only remaining partners are Jet Airways and Transaero, so if you’re not interested in any of the above awards it’s probably worth going ahead and converting your British Midland miles into British Airways Avios, which they’ll eventually be turned into anyway.

(Tip of the hat to Ghetto IFE)

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  1. I cant understand why british airways havent integrated bmi to one world yet!!!if ut wants to keep the brand then integrate it if not then get rid of it as bmi custumers are in real limbo.

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