BMI Status Match Approved!

I requested a BMI status match last Thursday night, and got upgraded to Gold status today. An elite card (such as Northwest Platinum) is enough to get matched. I didn’t have to send an account statement or anything.

There are rumors going around that BMI will stop status matching soon, which wouldn’t surprise me, so I figured I’m better off safe than sorry, even though I don’t have any travel plans in the next few weeks.

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  1. Yes you do, as long as you have a boarding pass for a departing Star Alliance flight. Unfortunately you don’t get free internet, but on the plus side you can use more lounges than an RCC membership would entitle you to.

  2. What was the process to get the match? Did you call / write?

    Can you also clarify what benefit the BMI status provides to a UA1K when flying domestic?


  3. I emailed Diamond Club, which is BMI’s frequent flyer program, at diamond(dot)club(at) I just expressed interest in a status match and possibly switching some business to them.

    The major benefit of BMI Gold is that you get access to Star Alliance Gold lounges, even when traveling domestically. You just need to present the card at the lounge and you’ll be granted access.

  4. Thanks lucky for the info.
    What do they need to get it match? I’m a UA1K and NW PE (which one should I sent them).
    Do they have fax number where I could sent them?
    I’m assuming an online statement showing status and a card?


  5. Fcabin,

    You should send them your NW Plat info, since they don’t match intra-alliance. You just need to send them either your statement or your elite card, although both certainly wouldn’t hurt.

    You can either email them or fax them at + 44 1623 724099.

  6. Welcome to the remains of the BD funny farm lucky 😉

    Remember, you need 38k to retain BD gold once matched to gold… and its 1 year from the date of your match (as listed on your DC account)

    And 38k of miles = C class return from the US to Zone 1 with cash and miles.

    Just remember the party could be ending soon – we’ll know 12th January onwards.

  7. Lucky,
    Thanks for providing the info,fax number on the match!
    Granted status match to BMI Gold today.
    Did you get a card in the mail? Any goodies like luggage tag etc?


  8. First, I haven’t received my card yet. From what I hear it takes about four weeks. I’ll definitely make a post when I recenve the kit. I believe it comes with a pair of luggage tags too.

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