bmi Gold Welcome Kit

Since I’ve posted pictures of the Northwest and United welcome kits, I’ll do the same for bmi. I got my bmi Gold welcome kit in the mail this Tuesday, which was a mere three weeks after my status match was approved. That was quick!

Anyway, the bmi Gold kit is the best kit I’ve received from any loyalty program. It includes two really nice luggage tags, the card, four Gold upgrade certificates, and all kinds of information about the program.


Welcome letter and package

Yep, that was all in there

Luggage tags

Gold card

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I am thinking about applying for the match as well. Can I use UA 1K to get BMI match or it has to come from another airlines

  2. Lucky, you should also have received four Hertz double upgrade vouchers… They’re normally printed and attached next to the GUVs…

  3. For newly minted BMI gold, they used to give out a free hilton gold membership.
    Did your package have that benefit inside?

  4. Lewis, you’re correct. At first I thought it was just an advertisement, but the Hertz upgrade coupons are attached to the GUVs.

  5. UA_Flyer, you have to match from a non-Star airline, as far as I know. Of course you can match to a non-Star carrier and then use that status to match.

  6. Well done Lucky on getting your RCC card for the year 😉

    The silver kit is the samish – (ie Silver version, 1 Hertz upgrade voucher), one tag, one card

    You can also request more tags from BMI if you feel the urge. They don’t survive the LHR or SFO Bag mashers though, so its best to keep a spare…

    Oh well … one week to go before I’m qualified for my kit – the HARD way 😉

  7. Lucky:

    Does your card/luggage tags spell out your first name or just have a “B”? I found it a little odd that nowhere on my card, tags, or welcome letter did “Matthew” appear–just “M”.

  8. I got my kit a few days ago, no vouchers. I did find the following on the flyertalk thread bmi FAQ No.2: GUVs: “Each Gold card holder is snail-mailed 4 GUVs anually with a new or renewed bmi diamond club gold card Welcome Pack. Unless the Donington printer is broken, in which case you should get them sent sometime later.” Oh well, I’ll just wait, it’s not like I have any flights scheduled on bmi metal.

    Use of the first initial only is common practice in the U.K. for bank cards, membership cards, and addressing correspondence. Of the dozen or so cards I accumulated during the three years I lived in Britain, more than half have only my first initial.

  9. I have heard that bmi are no longer supplying the Gold upgrade Vouchers and instead are supplying them electronically. Can anyone substaniate this rumour.

  10. Do you think that DC is the best *A FFP? You get gold with 38K miles and after 10 years you get lifetime * Gold. If you fly UA once from Eastern US to Southeast Asia on C, you”ll hit 40K miles thereabouts. Quite a good deal. What do you think? Perhaps you can email me and we can discuss?

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