An article from The Onion in disguise?

I saw this posted on Things in the Sky, and got a real kick out of it. Check out this BBC article. Basically passengers were asked to move around for weight and balance reasons. I don’t remember the last time that I was on a CRJ where we didn’t have to move around, assuming the plane wasn’t full. Heck, I’ve heard several reports of passengers having to move around on a 747 for weight and balance. But apparently on this Thomas Cook flight, 71 passengers decided they wanted off.

I mean, isn’t the headline just total garbage:

Dozens of holidaymakers returning to Newcastle refused to fly after they were asked to act as human ballast.

I mean, this is something I’d expect The Onion to write, not BBC News.

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  1. Fly RJ’s are lot and I can not remember last time we did have to move around. Last time I remember, they had to ask for 9 VDB’s due to snow and I assume changed the max weight due to the conditions. They had no issues getting the 9 people though, PWM has a good number of leisures and they took the voucher and ran.

  2. OMG Kevin, that’s ridiculous. I love the picture of the mother with the daughter, as if she nearly died. What a load of crap. Oh, and nice commentary. 🙂

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