WOW: Insane Video Of 737 Being Struck By Lightning

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Per, check out the insane footage of a China Southern 737-800 being struck by lightning at a regional airport in Jieyang, China, just minutes after passengers deplaned:

I’ve been on a few planes over the years which have been struck by lightning, but nothing that bad (at least it didn’t feel that bad).

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  1. Same occurrence on my flight from CVG to IAH last Friday. Also got some thrilling videos of lightning storms from that flight. The lady next to me screamed and held my arm so tightly that it left a bruise. I thought it better to just let her at it.

  2. That’s pretty nuts, probably the same as any strike in the air, but looks worse on the ground as the tires light up.

  3. I’ve been on several flights where it there was a strike. Pretty much a non-event. One was accompanied by St. Elmo’s fire for several minutes which was a hell of a thing to see. Totally worth all the turbulence and freaked out other passengers.

    As Bill said, the ground strikes are more problematic since the tires tend to light up. LOL

  4. That’s amazing.

    If this was filmed just after the passengers had disembarked, why is the aircraft not connected to the aerobridge?

  5. JESUS F******** CHRIST!!!!! WHAT THE F****!? THAT IS INSANE! good thing the passengers deplaned because that would have given at least someone a heart attack. is it just me or does the 737 somehow attract lightning….

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