Aer Lingus status matching British Midland Diamond Club members

I assume as a result of British Airways’ takeover of British Midland, Aer Lingus is offering British Midland Diamond Club members status matches in their Gold Circle program.

The status match application can be found here.

Now, I think we all like shiny cards and luggage tags, though this doesn’t strike me as especially useful status. They’re offering Diamond Club Gold members Elite status, and Diamond Club Silver members Prestige status. The status benefits are as follows:

The four complimentary upgrades could actually be pretty interesting, though I can’t seem to find any information about the restrictions (fare requirements, routes, etc.). Does anyone know more about them?

I’m flying Aer Lingus business class later in the month between Boston and Dublin for only 50,000 British Airways Avios roundtrip, so status matched just for the heck of it. I doubt it will get me anything extra, but then again I don’t see an opportunity to status match to them in the future, so why not?

(Tip of the hat to Miles from Blighty)

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  1. Well, you’ll get to gift a Gold status to a partner! And you’ll get luggage tags!

    The top tier elite benefit I’m curious about is, “Customer service line available during normal business hours.”

    Does this suggest that members who ‘only’ have Prestige status do not have access to a phone agent during normal business hours??

    (Just guessing here but it MUST be a ‘dedicated’ phone line, right???)

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