4,500 Miles Just for Joining Diamond Club (BMI)!

While it’s not as good as the 9,000 mile offer (before they changed the T&C’s to actually require travel on BMI), it’s a good deal nonetheless. As of now the T&C’s are pretty straightforward, so for anyone that missed the last round of bonuses definitely take advantage of this one! Just register here and within a few days you’ll have 4,500 miles in your account.

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  1. Lucky, thanks for the tip. Not sure if I’ll have much use for 4500 miles on BMI (having never flown them and being based on the west coast of the US), but then it doesn’t cost anything, eh? Maybe I can get credit for my LH intra-Europe flights on BMI (those in E/T class that UA now rejects) 🙂

    By the way, your link points to your previous blog entry — I think you meant to link to the BMI site!?

  2. Oops, links have been corrected, thanks Oliver!

    Since miles don’t expire with BMI (yet), there’s no reason not to! Also keep in mind that if you stay at Hilton hotels and choose BMI as your double dipping option you’ll earn 1,000 points for a simple one night stay in addition to standard points, so your account can really build up quickly!

  3. the 9,000 mile offer is back for new Diamond Club members but have to take 1 bmi flight by 3/31/09 and then they’ll credit the miles

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