Baltia Air Lines 747 Interior Revealed

In August I heard about Baltia Air Lines for the first time, and I’ve been kind of obsessed ever since. To say I’ve been stalking them would be an understatement (hey, something had to replace La Compagnie, given that they’re operating fairly reliably nowadays).

Baltia Air Lines claims to be “America’s newest airline.” The only problem is they’ve been that for about 25 years now, and still haven’t flown their first passenger flight.

In my previous post I wrote about their supposed business plan of flying 747s between New York and Eastern Europe, about their Golden Rooster Club loyalty program, and about how they’ll apparently offer premium cabin passengers complimentary chauffeur service.

It’s really amusing to watch their Facebook page as well. Too bad Facebook wasn’t around 25 years ago. If you think they’re moving at a snail’s pace now, imagine what they’ve been doing for the previous 25 years!