1. The options suck, especially since I don’t like Hilton anymore, but I’m guessing I’ll go for the 7,000 Hilton points. That’s worth more than 2,000 bmi miles or 4,000 Priority Club points.

  2. Try being Canadian… I haven’t had a survey offer in over two years… but they keep extending my account because there have been no offers!

  3. I thought e-rewards was just frustrating… full stop. So far this year… 1000 measly BMI miles with my UK account.

    Still, miles for nothing and your clicks for free…

  4. First, I want to say that I’ve enjoyed reading your well written blog.

    Second, I had a similar e-Rewards situation for months. I finally emailed e-Rewards and asked for 10 or 15 cents so that I could reach an amount needed for an award. I received a response within two days, and the extra pennies that I needed were posted in my account. You might try the same strategy.

  5. Interesting. It’s nice that they’re willing to “top off” accounts. I actually got a survey today, which I successfully completed, so now I’m just waiting for the $$ to post and I’ll be cashing out.

  6. @lucky: Thanks for the Hilton note — that is where I was thinking of putting them, and this just confirmed it for me.

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