World Of Hyatt Credit Card FAQs

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Last week we saw the introduction of The World of Hyatt Credit Card. This is a phenomenal card that’s actually worth putting spend on, assuming you have interest in earning status with Hyatt (and potentially even if you don’t plan to earn Explorist or Globalist status).

I’ve written about the general perks of the card, about how you can earn Globalist status through credit card spend, about how you can upgrade to this card from Hyatt’s old co-branded credit card, and about how exactly earning elite nights with the card works.

I’ve still been getting a lot of the same questions about the card, since naturally there’s a lot to understand when a new card is introduced. So in this post I wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

In no particular order:

Can you still earn elite nights towards status for 2018 with The World of Hyatt Credit Card?

Absolutely. In addition to earning five elite nights just for acquiring the card this year, you can also earn an additional two elite nights for every $5,000 spent. You receive these perks even if you get the card mid-year.

How soon do the five elite qualifying nights post?

The terms state that the five elite nights should should post within eight weeks of when you get the card. However, in practice many report that they post almost immediately.

If I have an anniversary free night certificate in my account from the old card, would I lose it if I cancel or upgrade the card?

Nope. Once you’re issued an anniversary free night certificate you get to keep it until the expiration date, even if you cancel the card. Once issued it’s linked to your World of Hyatt account, rather than to your credit card.

Do you keep your same account anniversary date if you upgrade your card?

Yes you do. If you had the old Hyatt Credit Card and upgrade to The World of Hyatt Credit Card, you would maintain the same account anniversary date. Why does this matter? Let’s pretend your account anniversary date is in January. By maintaining the same anniversary date this means that:

  • You’d still get your anniversary free night certificate in January, just as before
  • You can earn a second free night certificate when you spend $15,000 on the card in your cardmember anniversary year, meaning you’d have between now and January to complete that $15,000 in spend

Do elite nights earned with the credit card count the same way as “real” nights?

Yep, they sure do. Hyatt offers some rewards at different thresholds (like a Category 1-7 free night certificate after earning 60 elite nights), and elite nights earned through The World of Hyatt Credit Card would count the same as actual stayed nights for those purposes.

Can I apply for the World of Hyatt Credit Card if I have the Hyatt Credit Card?

The new The World of Hyatt Credit Card is only available to those who don’t currently have a Hyatt Credit Card, so you wouldn’t be eligible if you have the card right now. However, the bonus is available to those who don’t currently have the card, and haven’t received a new cardmember bonus in the past 24 months, so some past cardmembers would be eligible.

Can you earn a welcome bonus if you upgrade to the new World of Hyatt Credit Card?

Existing cardmembers can upgrade to the new credit card and receive 2,000 bonus points for doing so.  This isn’t much compared to a normal welcome bonus, but I don’t blame them for only offering such a small reward, given how worthwhile this card is to upgrade to.

Is the new card subjected to 5/24?

Yes.  Recently, Chase has indicated that they plan on extending the 5/24 rule to all of their cards, meaning you most likely will not be approved if you’ve opened five or more new card accounts in the past 24 months.

Do you really earn 9x points on Hyatt stays with the card?

The World of Hyatt Credit Card is marketed as offering “9x points total for Hyatt stays and experiences.” When many people see that they assume that they’re earning 9x points with the card for Hyatt spend. That’s not quite the case. In reality you usually earn 5x points for Hyatt stays regardless of which card you use, and then on top of that this card offers 4x points.

So really you’re earning 4x points with this card for Hyatt spend, though that’s a really solid return, and this would be my go to card for Hyatt stays.

Bottom line

I love the new The World of Hyatt Credit Card, and in particular how much easier it is to earn Globalist status if you have the card. Hopefully the above answers some of the most common questions you guys have, but if you have any others, let me know!

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  1. If we upgraded our card, will our previous spend from the year get night credit toward status?

  2. @ Westin — It’s my understanding that spend from the previous card wouldn’t qualify if you upgrade the card, so you’d be starting from zero.

  3. If you have the current Hyatt Card and you paid the $75 fee, will you be charged the $95 fee immediately after upgrading to the new Hyatt Card?

  4. @ Wes Dayhoff — It’s my understanding that you’d get a pro-rated refund of the $75 annual fee for the portion of the year for which you haven’t used the card (so if you paid the $75 six months ago, you’d get about half back), and then you’d be billed the $95 annual fee.

  5. I just went through the process of closing my old Hyatt card via secure message. I’m eligible for the bonus on the new card so I’m going that route. I’ve heard some data points suggest a waiting period (30 days or so) between closing old Hyatt and opening new Hyatt. Have you heard anything like that Ben? I may do that anyways.

  6. @ Justin — Generally speaking, Chase considers you to be a current cardmember until the statement closes, so I’d generally recommend waiting about 30 days in that situation.

  7. @Lucky,

    One negative change, the new card does not support digital wallets. When I talked with Chase about this they were blaming World of Hyatt for making that decision.

  8. The only thing that is sufficiently compelling about this card to justify some of the hype is that it makes paying for stays at Hyatt properties with a Hyatt card relevant again. That’s why I am stopping by the Chase branch near my office to upgrade from the Hyatt visa to the WoH visa.

    OTOH, even with the additional 5K elite qualifying nights, the ‘opportunity cost’ associated with spending one’s way into ANY WoH elite status, but especially Globalist, is likely to be prohibitively high for most who play the game to minimize their leisure travel costs. Further, considering the chain’s small footprint, the program’s garden variety perks for Globalists that self-anointed travel gurus want you to believe are the best thing since sliced bread are definitely not worth cost…


  9. what is stopping someone who received the welcome bonus over 24 months ago for the old card from cancelling and opening the new WoH card at most 30 days later to get the new bonus? I am assuming as long as you open after the last statement closes that I would be eligible?

    What is the exact language for a new customer?


  10. Has anyone actually received their new card yet? I know we are still within the stated 7-10 business days since the offer first became available, but it sounds like these cards are taking longer than normal to mail.

  11. @Jeff Shilling sez: “One negative change, the new card does not support digital wallets.”

    I just upgraded from the Chase Hyatt to the WoH visa by going to a Chase branch. I was put on the phone with a Chase CC Support Agent who proceeded to read me everything about the new WoH card, most of which I was already aware of. Then she specifically indicated that the new WoH card supports digital wallet. Therefore, the claim that it does not still requires objective documentation…

  12. @Greg

    I applied for the card a week ago (Friday morning) and I believe the card was officially available on Thursday (or was it Wednesday night?). Anyway, I have not received the card yet and was expecting to receive it today. If it doesn’t come tomorrow I will be pretty disappointed.

  13. Also, I usually ask for them to rush deliver the card but this time I was too busy to call them up and ask (I was approved instantly). Now I’m wishing I called.

  14. I cancelled my old card and applied for the new card the next day. I was immediately approved. I hope they don’t try to screw me out of the bonus.

  15. My WoH Visa is in my Apple Pay now. No problem adding it, even though I still have the old Hyatt plastic card. Agent told me to use the existing Hyatt Plastic card until the new one arrives and that the new benefits were effective upon conversion.

  16. If I cancel the old card and wait 30 days prior to applying to the new card would I get the 60k bonus?

  17. I understand the signup bonus is compelling. But if I’m an existing Hyatt Cardholder and I spend 50K on the “old” Hyatt card to earn explorist, not sure I’m following why the new card with a 65K threshold for explorist is more compelling, what am I missing? I won’t get close to globalist on stays or spending so that’s not a consideration.

  18. Are the other hotels free night certificates the same way, that once you get them you don’t lose them even if you cancel the card? (IHG, Hilton, Marriott?)

  19. For those of us who earn globalist naturally, what’s the real benefit to this card? Just the welcome points?

  20. Any chance of getting the new World of Hyatt credit card as a Canadian living in Canada? I can likely arrange an American address but providing a Social Security number is rather problematic.

  21. I’m getting conflicting information from Chase. Over secure message they told me even though I had the old Hyatt Chase card I could cancel and wait 30 days and get the 60,000 bonus as long as I didn’t get a bonus within 24 months.

    HOWEVER, my son just called in and they told him that that information isn’t true. They said that even though it’s a different Chase Hyatt that in their terms and condition which they changed in May 2018, they will only grant a bonus offer once per lifetime for a particular card.

    Lucky can you check which is correct?

  22. Just of the phone with Chase. The representative stated that no I do not keep the same anniversary date when I upgrade the card. My anniversary month is October he told me it would re set my annual free night. I guess I’ll wait until my free night posts to Hyatt.

  23. @Earl Lee, any further word on the discrepancy re whether the sign-up bonus is available, if canceling the card past one’s 24-month (new customer bonus) window?

  24. I just called Chase and was told upgrading WOULD reset my anniversary date; the rep even said that is what it says in the script. Since my anniversary is September 1 I’m going to wait. She also said the upgrade bonus was available until September 30.

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