Why My Family Members Are Getting The Platinum Delta Business Amex Card

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Update: This offer for the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Update: Hilton has revamped their co-branded credit card products, and the cards mentioned in this post are no longer available. You can find information on the new Hilton credit cards here.

American Express has great bonuses on several of their excellent co-branded credit cards. They also offer perks that could make them worth holding onto long term. You’re potentially eligible for all four cards, with each individual card having a “once in a lifetime” restriction.

Why I’m not applying for a Delta Amex Card

The simple reason is that I’m maxed out on Amex credit cards, unfortunately. Amex lets you have at most five credit cards at any given time (excluding charge cards, like The Platinum Card® from American Express), and unfortunately that’s exactly how many Amex credit cards I have. Specifically, I have:

I’m getting value out of all five of these credit cards, so I’m not in a position to cancel any of them. I wish I were.

Several family members are picking up one Delta Amex Card

My dad, my mom, and Ford, all aren’t maxed out on Amex cards, so they’d all be eligible to take advantage of these offers. However, at least my dad and Ford have had the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express and Gold Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express in the past, so aren’t eligible for those again.

So, why are they selecting The Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Card from American Express over the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express? Both have similar benefits, but applying for the business version of the card wouldn’t count towards the 5/24 limit, so there’s a significant benefit to that. They all also have small businesses, and typically it’s quite easy for those with excellent credit to be approved for Amex business cards.

Delta Amex Cards

Regardless of which of these Delta Amex offers you’re considering, I’d highly recommend applying, as these offers are excellent. At a minimum SkyMiles will get you at least one cent each towards the cost of a Delta ticket.

For those applying for Delta Amex Cards, which version of the card are you picking up?

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  1. Lucky,
    Saw your listing current Amex card. Just curious, why you don’t cancel your Hilton Honors Surpass and get Hilton Honors Aspire card since you has mentioned before this card launch that you want to get this card for diamond status with Hilton. Also, you said 250$ Hilton resort credit and 250$ airline credit with annual free night made worth more than annual fee.

  2. Is there a way to find out which of the Delta cards I’ve gotten before? I know I’ve gotten the gold but unsure about the platinum.

  3. I’m getting the special offer for gold that waives the once in a lifetime restriction. It basically makes up for the points they screwed me out of with their stealth devaluation from 125K to Europe to 140K to now 170k for partners.

  4. Would be nice if you used some of your miles and points for charity or to help those less fortunate.

  5. Or you could get the Alaska signature card which gives you 30,000 miles + $100.00 waiver and companion fare for a *lot* less. 30,000 Alaska miles are worth a lot more than 70,000 Delta miles.

  6. Got a Gold for me and wife. A bit easier with the $2k/3mo plus $1k/3mo for the full 60,000 miles.
    We’re also currently working on BofA Alaska cards, so the juggling is in full swing!

  7. I personally have six Amex credit cards at the moment (three biz, three personal), know a few with six two, and know someone with 8 and two charge cards.

    Just wanted to chime in that I’ve seen you write a lot on how five is the max but it’s definitely not strictly enforced. That being said, I think the over 5 instances always happen through app o ramas where someone has four or five cards and then gets approved for several in a day.

  8. “Or you could get the Alaska signature card which gives you 30,000 miles + $100.00 waiver and companion fare for a *lot* less. 30,000 Alaska miles are worth a lot more than 70,000 Delta miles.”

    This is one person’s opinion, and not very clearly a good one.

    There is no way for a Delta Amex Platinum card holder to get *less* than one cent per mile. It cannot be done! Typically, you will get redemptions of 1.3-1.4 cents per mile and sometimes upwards of 2 cents (like a recent return from Italy for me, where the redemption is worth 3-8 depending on how you calculate it).

    While there are ways Alaska miles can be worth more than 2 cents per mile, the idea they are *always* worth more than twice as much as Delta miles isn’t true. The idea they are worth “much more” in a quantity less than half is even less true.

    Alaska miles are great btw.

  9. So if you already have the Amex Gold — and you “upgrade” to the Platinum — do you get the 70,000 miles if you meet the spending threshold?

  10. There used to be an airline credit card with which you could collect status miles as well in Germany – the airline has gone out of business in late October 2017…

  11. There’s an offer for the Virgin Atlantic Mastercard 90,000 flying club miles are worth way more than Delta, and can be used for Delta flights as well as ANA – great first class redemption partner. Why do u not tell readers about this card ??

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