When Do US Airways Mastercard Sign-Up Bonuses Post?

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If you’re anything like me, you probably applied for a US Airways Mastercard shortly before it was discontinued. It was a “use it or lose it” opportunity, given that the card would be converted into the AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard, at which point Barclaycard couldn’t accept new members anymore (since Citi will be issuing new co-brand credit cards for American going forward).


So I applied for the US Airways Mastercard in mid-March. In the past the sign-up bonus would post as soon as the first statement closed, assuming you made the required purchase in order to activate the bonus.

That being said, there has been a delay with these bonuses posting, due to the integration between AAdvantage and Dividend Miles, which happened in late March. Basically I had attached my “old” Dividend Miles number to the application, however my AAdvantage and Dividend Miles numbers had already been linked. Therefore there does seem to be a bit of a delay.

I don’t seem to be alone in this, since I’ve received a countless number of messages from people the past couple of weeks asking when those bonuses would post. For what it’s worth, my 50,000 mile bonus finally posted yesterday, and was back-dated to 05/11.


If your US Airways Mastercard sign-up bonus from shortly before the integration hasn’t yet posted, I’d recommend being patient. It’s just taking longer than usual to post, presumably due to the integration.

Did anyone else apply for the US Airways Mastercard shortly before it was discontinued, and if so, has your sign-up bonus already posted?

  1. Ben — My wife and I applied March 21 (me) and 26th (her). Both bonuses posted after the 2nd statement. They were then available in AAdvantage the day after the statement closed (Early May). We already used them to book Off-Peak Saver Fares in Y to HNL and home from OGG next January! Thanks again for posting about the last minute opportunity when they were going away.

    The only difficulty was since my wife and I did NOT have AAdvantage numbers (nor Dividend Miles) numbers before we applied, Barclays assigned us a Dividend Miles number but we had to call American to get the AAdvantage numbers. No problems, just a simple phone call to get it taken care of.

  2. I had already received my sign up bonus but was waiting for a targeted spending bonus (15,000 points) to be applied.
    The points just showed up yesterday and took about 6 weeks from the end of the promotion period.
    I sure the sign up bonus are working on the same timeline.

  3. Like @William, mine posted after the second statement hit. I didn’t have a U.S. Airways Dividend account before applying, but magically it married up with my AAdvantage account without even trying.

  4. Both my husband and I applied in mid March. Our sign up bonus’ posted about 5 days ago, shortly after our statements cycled.

  5. Similar to the above comments, my bonus posted directly to AAdvantage immediately after the second statement closed.

  6. I applied on March 8, and the points appeared on April 3. For what it’s worth, I did pre-pay the only purchase I made, plus the annual fee before the billing statement closed.

  7. I applied for the card around the same time and put down my old US Airways number. After a couple of months of not seeing the miles post, I wrote in and it turns out they established a new AA account with the 50k in them. I of course merged those accounts.

  8. Applied March 25, miles posted to AA April 24, without my doing anything. Applied with US FF #, which account had been linked to my AA account since they first announced that could be done. AA statement says: “AVIATOR MC EVERYDAY PURCHASES 500 Miles. AVIATOR MC WELCOME BONUS 50,000 Miles”. 🙂

  9. This article came in timely … thank you!

    My wife got approved on March 18th and the bonus miles have not posted. PMed Barclays just now after reading your above post.

  10. Does anyone know what number to call if you didn’t receive companion certifictate ?

  11. I didn’t have a US Airways account number, so I didn’t include one in my application. After my first statement closed, I received the 50,000 points to my existing AA account. Very nice. (I paid my account in full before the 1st statement, so I wouldn’t have to wait until the 2nd statement for the points.)

    I never received my Companion Certificate though…

  12. If you applied in the very last months of the Dividend Miles MC, don’t hold your breath for getting the $99 companion certificate. I don’t think Barclaycard wants to shortchange anyone, but there will be some point this year when the merger is so far along that the certificates become useless. They are good only for flights operated by US Airways and cannot, repeat CANNOT, be used for any AA operated flights.

  13. I applied on March 5, first purchase on March 15, first statement payment with $89 annual fee processed April 30, 50,000 miles posted to AA account on May 4. I also received my companion certificate and US Airways Club / Admiral Club one day pass around the same time. I had linked my Dividend Miles and AAdvantage accounts earlier this year. Now they are running a promo of 1.5 miles for every purchase until June 30, if you opt-in in your Barclays online account. My account is still the US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard and has not converted to AAdvantage Aviator Red Mastercard yet.

  14. Got card 3/22 and made a purchase. Annual fee posted 3/31 and I paid it off on 4/2 (prior to statement being issued). 4/8 my first statement was issued and Aviator MC welcome bonus posted to the account (though I think it was actually a few days later (no more than 7 days later) and they backdated the posting.

  15. My dad’s miles posted immediately after they received payment for the first statement. I was impressed with the speed.

  16. I already had this card, but applied again after hearing the success stories of people at FTU SAN getting a 2nd and 3rd card. My 50K bonus miles posted on receipt of my 2nd billing statement. I’ll likely cancel this card next year, but keep the 1st card as it comes with the 10K annual renewal miles.

  17. I had the same problem. The miles showed as posted on the Barclays site but not in the American account. This is also the only account online which still does not show as changed to an Aviator Red card. (We each have 2x of this card, the 1st one with the 10K bonus each year)

    I DM’ed them through the account asking about the miles. Amazingly, or just a coincidence, the miles showed up the very next day.

  18. Took 2 billing cycles for my miles to show up. Then I tried to use my card one day and it was declined. I called and was told my welcome packet was undeliverable and therefore they had blocked my card and my Arrival + card too. I have not moved, received my statements and paid them. It took 4 calls over 3 days to fix and I still have to call before using cards outside my area or for large online purchases. I did receive my companion certificate via message on website.

    I am pretty po’d at barclaycard.

  19. @ Michael — The number on the back of the card. Though it might not be all that easy to get them to send it to you.

  20. Applied around March15, made purchase, paid bill. Immediately after paying bill, which included annual fee, miles posted to my AAdvantage account. Probably 48 hours from payment. Funny thing, I was worried that the Dividend Miles acct was dormant and possibly deleted. So, I called Dividend Miles and they said they had already linked it to my AAdvantage acct. I am very surprised how smoothly this transaction occurred and hope the same for rest of the American/US merger.

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