What’s holding V Australia back….

Check out this article which discusses a major problem Virgin Australia is having:

A Sydney Morning Herald report says that when Virgin Blue/V Australia ordered Boeing 777’s to operate on the Pacific, it made what appears could have been a fatal error of judgement, by ordering aircraft with smaller rear cargo doors, which means that means the V Australia 777’s cannot take freight in pallets.

This raises the question about why Virgin Australia wouldn’t have gotten the larger rear cargo doors to begin with? Like, I realize every airline makes mistakes, but that seems like an unforgivable error when we’re talking about an airline that exclusively operates longhaul transpacific flights year-round. Did they not know about the option for a larger rear cargo door (I can’t imagine this is the case), or did someone actually make a decision against it?

And here’s another interesting note:

But, industry insiders also say that V Australia’s new 777s have been modified to such an extent, with not only the smaller cargo doors being an issue, but each aircraft also having inbuilt features such as two bars and high-tech entertainment systems, means that the airline cannot gain a fair value from a sale and leaseback.

It is also believed it would cost up to $10 million to restore each aircraft to a standard state to make it suitable to leasing companies, with an industry official saying, “Those leasing companies just don’t like non-standard aircraft”.

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  1. The press has exaggerated/blown this out of proprotion.
    The small door option is 64″ wide (the large door option is 102″ wide) so they can take LD11 (60.4 × 125 in) pallets but not LD7 (88-96 × 125 in) pallets.

    Continental has the same small rear doors on their 777s. I don’t recall what the upside is but it’s not an uncommon choice.

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