What were they thinking?

In December’s Priority Club Statement:

Luxury awaits you in India’s commercial capital.
Close to both major airports, the magnificent InterContinental The Grand Mumbai offers easy access to cultural and natural treasures like popular Juhu Beach. Enjoy complimentary in-room Internet access during your stay.


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  1. Well yeah, but how long ago did they write this?

    Similarly, the December edition of Hemispheres touts Thailand and BKK as a great destination and explains how you can easily get their on UA via NRT. Umm, yeah…

  2. Oliver,

    Hemispheres is a bit different, since it’s published and printed way before the beginning of the month. While I’m certain the IC newsletter was written before the attacks, I think it would have been easy enough to make changes. Actually, there ended up being two forms of the newsletter, with the later ones not including the “headline.”

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