2015 WestJet Christmas Miracle Video

Perhaps the most viral airline marketing ever produced was from WestJet, with their 2013 “Christmas Miracle” video. The video has ~44 million views on YouTube, and is such a creative, heartwarming concept:

Last year WestJet came out with another Christmas Miracle video, in which they tried to cheer up the lives of some people in the Dominican Republic:

It was a cool video as well, though didn’t go nearly as viral, probably because it wasn’t as creative as the 2013 version.

This year WestJet is back with yet another Christmas Miracle video, entitled “12,000 mini miracles:”

It’s a good concept and also very practical, though doesn’t have quite the “wow” factor of the videos from previous years. I love the idea behind it, though — why not make the lives of a bunch of people brighter with some positive deeds? It’s just that there’s not some huge climax, which is why this doesn’t have the potential to go viral as much.

The side of my brain which loves logistics and practicality is also sort of frustrated by the video. Do they really expect us to believe they have some command center which automatically counts how many miracles have been performed? And why is the video called 12,000 mini-miracles when they instead have almost 14,000?

WestJet seems to be in competition with Air Canada for these Christmas videos. As a point of comparison, here’s Air Canada’s video from this year, in which they surprise people with free tickets on Air Canada:

Bottom line

WestJet does these Christmas videos better than anyone, and I enjoyed this year’s video as well. While it’s obviously intended as a marketing video, it’s nice when it can also be used to make peoples’ lives better.

Unfortunately for WestJet, their 2013 video was just so good that almost anything pales in comparison, in my opinion.

What do you make of WestJet’s 2015 Christmas Miracle video?


  1. Presumably they call it 12,000 because they have 12,000 employees. “That’s one act of kindness for everyone of us” is the explanation in the first 20sec of the clip.

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