Well, it was nice while it lasted….

And My Coke Rewards is now officially useless. I’ve earned tons of Priority Club points throughout the years just for entering codes at mycokerewards.com. While they’ve changed the rules on Priority Club point redemptions many times, they always ended up switching it back to something reasonable. Well, now they’re limiting Priority Club redemptions to one per My Coke Rewards account. I have a bunch of codes sitting here, so I’m wondering whether I should create a new account. Erm, I mean get a friend (not living in the same household, of course) with a different IP address to open a new account. 😉

Let’s hope this policy isn’t permanent, as I’m really not interested in any of their other redemption options.

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  1. My parents own a business which goes through quite a few 12 packs, so they keep the codes for me.

  2. If only you had Sprint mobile broadband. You get a unique IP address every time you connect which I think would be good enough for the new account signup, otherwise if you have DSL reset your modem and there is a good chance you’ll get a new IP.

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