Wanna know how the cockpit door works?

I saw this video posted on FlyerTalk, and found it to be quite informative (and entertaining). On the informative front, it talks about all the fancy things that keypad near the flight deck can (or for that matter can’t) do. Check it out:

On the entertaining side of things, is this really the best they could do as far as acting goes? A few of the things that crack me up:

  • First of all, any guesses as to what nationality the first officer and flight attendant are? I thought I’ve heard just about every accent, but that one is new to me.
  • Why’s the captain such an a-hole at 2:11? She nicely says she has the water for him, and he says in a pissed off way “ok, fine.” 😀
  • 3:01 when the captain says “I don’t think this is the normal procedure, do you agree?” cracks me up. Really, you mean knocking on the flight deck door isn’t the proper way to try and gain access? I would have never guessed….
  • At 3:32 she says “Sorry captain, I have forgotten the cockpit access procedure.” So when you forget the cockpit access procedure you decide to just knock on the door instead of calling them?
  • At 4:09 does she refer to herself as “Sully?” If so, there’s no better person to land a plane when both pilots are incapacitated.
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  1. Both the captain and the first officer have four stripes on their epaulettes. Ever seen that before?

  2. Although the cockpit door sign is indeed in Portuguese, neither the FO or the FA sound like Portuguese or Brazilian to me. Still, I have no idea of their nationality…

  3. The four stripes-dude in the right seat really throws me off – and, they’re obviously on the ground – why is the door locked and barred when they’re waiting at the gate?

    How romantic, too – ONE bottle of water and TWO glasses.

  4. Oh, wait – NM. The yellow pieces on the windows are screens. I thought they were some attempt outside scenery.

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