Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancelled After Foam Cannon Salute

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Virgin Atlantic had their inaugural flight from Atlanta to Manchester last night, which landed this morning. The plane was supposed to turn right back around to Atlanta as VS109… only it didn’t.


As is the norm on many inaugural flights, upon landing from Atlanta there was a water cannon salute to welcome the first flight to Manchester.

Well, the Airbus A330-300 got a salute alright. The firefighters botched the water canon salute, as they sprayed the plane with fire-suppressing foam rather than water. As a result, the return flight was initially delayed for almost five hours, before finally being cancelled.

Via The Daily Mail:

Passenger Derek Lawrenson, from London, who was heading to the USA for the golf Masters said: ’The pilot and some of the crew came round to the gate on a goodwill mission. He explained that the plane was being given a water canon salute on the tarmac. Unfortunately someone had pressed the button for foam, instead of water. It clogged up the engines with foam. Foam got into the engines.

Mr Lawrenson said: ’The pilot told us someone had pressed the wrong button. So foam came out rather than water.’

‘As a result we were delayed five hours so far before being told the flight had been cancelled. The plane was supposed to take off just after 10.30am.

Oh man, I wouldn’t want to be the person that was at fault for pushing the wrong button!

Now where’s the video of the incident?!

  1. >Oh man, I wouldn’t want to be the person that was at fault for pushing the wrong button!

  2. Can’t wait for Virgin’s PR department to explain that a white sticky substance was forcefully sprayed onto an inaugural flight by mistake. This incident exposed the faulty strategy of scheduling a flight in the PM, when all other carriers depart to the US in the AM. It’s difficult to re-route pax.

  3. With VS being UK-based, why is it that the flight is being said to be ATL -> MAN -> ATL rather than MAN -> ATL -> MAN?

  4. @ Charlie — I could be mistaken, but I believe the inaugural MAN-ATL flight was the day prior.

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