Review: Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge London Heathrow

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I had a bit of time before connecting to my next flight, so upon landing I decided to visit the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge.

I reviewed this lounge back in 2011, so was curious to see how it was holding up, and was eager to compare it to the Aer Lingus, Air France, and British Airways arrivals lounges, all of which I’ve reviewed recently.

Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge Location

The Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge is located in Terminal 3, which is where all Delta and Virgin Atlantic flights arrive. After clearing immigration you’ll see signage pointing to the arrivals lounges.

Heathrow Terminal 3 arrivals area

This leads to some elevators in the far corner of the terminal, which are for the Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge, as well as for the short stay car park.

Elevators to Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge Heathrow

Upon exiting the elevator, the entrance to the lounge is immediately to the right.

Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge exterior

Inside the entrance there’s a long hallway, and then at the end of that is the lounge’s reception desk.

Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge entryway

Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge reception

Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge Hours

The Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge is open daily from 5AM until 1:30PM.

While there are long haul flights arriving after 1:30PM, the purpose of these lounges is to give passengers a place to shower and freshen up before heading into the city, either to their hotel or their office. There’s less of a need for that in the afternoons and evenings.

Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge hours

How To Access The Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge

The Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge is accessible by the following passengers:

  • Passengers arriving in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class or Delta One
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members arriving on Delta or Virgin Atlantic from any destination
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum or Diamond members arriving on Delta or Virgin Atlantic from the US

No additional guests are allowed in the lounge, so eligible guests can’t bring anyone else with them.

Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge Review

Arrivals lounges are all about the ability to get breakfast, shower, and possibly catch up on some work, so how does Virgin Atlantic’s facility do in those regards?

Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge Layout & Seating

The lounge felt nice fresh and well maintained, which makes since, since I believe it was renovated a few months back.

The main part of the lounge was just one big dining area. There were couches and a variety of tables, some with traditional seats you’d expect at a dining table, and others with chairs more designed for lounging.

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge London

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge London

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge London

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge seating

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge dining area

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge dining area

Then right near the entrance was a business center with a few partitioned off desks.

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge business center

While the lounge didn’t have views, it did have natural light thanks to the windows, many of which were stained glass.

Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge Breakfast

The Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge has a small self serve buffet with juice, water, whole fruit, croissants, muffins, pastries, cookies, and cereal.

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge breakfast buffet

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge breakfast buffet

Rather impressively, the lounge primarily features a la carte dining, which is the first business class arrivals lounge I’ve been to that offers that.

The breakfast menu read as follows:

The drink list read as follows:

To start I ordered a latte (which was made by a barista) and a fruit smoothie.

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge breakfast

Then I ordered the eggs royale and the caramelized banana porridge (I had been eating so much that I wasn’t really hungry, but I figured I had to have a little bit of a couple of things to review the experience).

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge breakfast

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge breakfast

Both were quite good, and in particular I also thought service was great. Not only were the servers friendly, but they were also attentive, and even after my meal was cleared they kept asking if I wanted anything else.

Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge Showers

The Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge has about 20 shower rooms, and when I was there I didn’t have to wait at all.

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge shower rooms

The shower rooms are lovely, with walk-in showers, toilets, and sinks. On top of that I found the water pressure and temperature control to be great, as well as the ventilation in the room in general.

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge shower rooms

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge shower rooms

Toiletries were from a combination of Aveda and REN.

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge shower

They also have a complimentary pressing service in the lounge.

Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge pressing service

One negative development is that the Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge no longer has a spa. Back in the day you could get a complimentary spa treatment, though that’s not the case anymore.

Former Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge spa

Unfortunately they closed the spa in 2019, and it’s only one of the cuts they’ve made to their spa treatments — they’ve also scaled back the complimentary spa treatments available in the Clubhouse. Never mind the days when Virgin Atlantic offered onboard massages…

Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge Bottom Line

The Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge is no doubt the nicest arrivals lounge I’ve been to, and by far the best of the four European arrivals lounges I recently visited. The lounge has a la carte dining, which is a treat in an arrivals lounge.

Add in the natural light, fresh decor, and solid shower rooms, and this is an excellent facility.

If you’ve visited the Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge, what was your experience like?

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  1. I believe the American Arrivals in LHR T3 has a la carte dinning. The food was locally catered and pretty good!

  2. I hope as last there about a year ago, pre-refresh, when it was dingy and depressing — as tired as most of us pax.

    Good to see it’s been revamped: that looks a lot more inviting.

    I won’t miss the “spa”: as a treat I had a wet shave there. She used a Bic razer which left odd clumps of stubble behind. Keep it simple.

  3. I’ve never been to an arrivals lounge. Do they give you flip flops for the shower, or are you expected to bring your own? Or do you YOLO and ignore the risks?

  4. Nice review Ben. One question – If you have luggage (ie, more than just a carry-on), is there a secure place to keep it while using the lounge or do you need to have it with you at all times?

  5. I was a the Virgin arrivals lounge in Sept, and while it doesn’t have quite the swank factor as the Clubhouse, its still a great way to start the day after the red-eye in from the USA. I usually arrive Saturday morning, and never had to wait for a shower, the food is always solid and the employees couldn’t be any friendlier.

    @Lucky: They had just closed the Spa when I was there, and a lounge employee said they were converting the Spa space to more showers. They said that the wait for a shower during the week can be up to an hour.

    Nice review, can’t wait to see where you went next!

  6. It looks like the only renovated changes are some new chairs and the red double-facing sofa. The menu may have a couple changes since I was last there in December.

    @James S: No slippers are provided. I put a towel down.

    This lounge sure puts Air France to shame. The CDG arrivals lounge is one or two terminals away from all the incoming US flights. They make it so difficult to find that pretty much nobody uses it.

  7. @Michael F

    There are cubbies up by the front where you can put your bags. its not locked/secured so its at your own risk. That being said, its a small lounge for premium cabin customers. I leave mine there and havent felt worried.

  8. @michael Yes there is a large open area just behind the reception desk where you can leave checked luggage on a trolley or place on shelves. There is no place to lock up hand baggage though you’d need to keep it with you. The showers are cleaned immediately ready after use by about 5 ladies. The waiter service is great

  9. I love those Eames dining chairs. A timeless design but also exceptionally comfortable for an unupholstered chair. My family has a set purchased by my grandfather in the 60s from Herman Miller that are holding up great.

  10. @Ben – have you never been to the AA arrivals lounge at Heathrow? It too offers ala carte dining (although not as extensive as this menu). And has the best showers of any lounge I’ve been at Heathrow.

  11. Hey Lucky. Excellent review as always. Hate to be that guy, but I believe you meant to say sense, instead of the first since. “The lounge felt nice fresh and well maintained, which makes since, since I believe it was renovated a few months back.”

  12. I always wondered why is it still called “English breakfast” and not just breakfast is England. I mean in China they don’t call it Chinese food, they just call it food.

  13. Shoot, I had no idea they closed the spa and free facial massages. I love the VS Arrivals lounge…but I agree with other posters – the AA Arrivals lounge is the best.

  14. A good article Ben, and I agree it’s a great lounge and a pleasant way to freshen up on arrival. You didn’t mention that Virgin Australia Platinum members can also use it, when arriving from HKG, even if they’re not flying Upper Class.

  15. On my last visit, there was a family of 10+ occupying the sofa area with kids toys, clothes, shoes, open suitcases…like they moved into the lounge. Very annoying.

    But on the positive side, great space, facilities and staff. I don’t eat carbs and asked for a custom order of sautéed spinach, scrambled eggs and a side of greens which was happy obliged. No hesitation. The showers are great but I do miss the spa. It was great to get in a :30 facial before heading into the city.

    The AF Arrivals Lounge at CDG is really bad and dated. But, Terminal 2C was the original AF Long Haul terminal before 2E and 2F opened which is the reason why the lounge is located in a very remote location. It’s unfortunate AF didn’t build a new arrivals facility with the expansion of 2E and improvements AF has made to the CDG experience.

  16. I go to the Revivals Lounge all the time – and I surely haven’t noticed it being renovated at any point during the past five years? I have always thought it could use a little bit of upgrading – it looks a bit like something out of an IKEA catalogue and definitely doesn’t carry any exclusive feel. But, Virgin probably doesn’t want people to end up hanging around there for too long.

    Have never had to wait for a shower there.

    The service tends to be excellent and the menu is definitely amongst the better for an arrivals lounge. Agreed. The coffee amongst the most bitter around – it’s CRAZY and quite distinct.

  17. I’ve been there many times and I agree it is very nice. However, it can get very busy and I had wait time for a shower up to 45 minutes. Menu is good but more limited then the departure lounge. It is nice they can press your clothes while you shower so you can go straight to meetings.

  18. Having recently flown Upper Class fron LAS to LHR, I was disappointed to learn the lounge closes 15 minutes before this flight arrives. Why have an arrivals lounge if you aren’t open when the plane lands?

  19. I’ll add another nod to the AA Arrivals lounge at Heathrow. Food was good (not quite the size of menu you see here, however.) In my experiences, the staff have also been unfailingly pleasant.
    I’ve also found the showers to be quite good – I can add that the times I have visited there has been no queue at all for the showers.

  20. I used this lounge a few weeks back. I was particularly impressed with the shirt pressing service and the eggs royale, which I also had. I appreciated being able to access this lounge after flying on Delta metal

  21. Rob,

    I didn’t know that! They certainly should serve “morning” alco drinks like bloody marys, mimosa’s etc.

    BA’s arrival lounge doesn’t have alco, as far as I know anyway, but at least you can bring in a guest – handy if someone is meeting you at the airport.

  22. I haven’t been to Revivals in a few years, but I have to say that other than the spa closing, nothing has changed since I started going in the late 90s.

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