Virgin America announces SuperFly Wednesdays

Just got this email from Virgin America:


Network, chat and socialize at 35,000 feet on SuperFly Wednesdays. Enjoy 2 free drinks plus lots of mixing and mingling. Meet new people with seat-to-seat chat or start a chat room with everyone onboard. The fun continues when you reach your destination. Enjoy some more complimentary drinks and special room rates from our hotel and bar partners. Your boarding pass is your ticket to play.

Click here for more information, exciting updates and to grab a seat.

Well, they’re certainly trying to be hip and trendy, that’s pretty good. It seems like this is only on four flights, to LAX, LAX, SFO, and JFK. I give them a thumbs up for being creative, and thumbs sideways for the idea itself. I’m not sure it’s such a good idea, at least the drinks onboard. Some people aren’t very good at controlling themselves, and free drinks likely won’t help.

I wonder what the deal is with:

Your boarding pass is the ticket to the after-party. Continue on like a true jet-setter upon arrival and head over to these fabulous spots for some more complimentary drinks and special room rates:

I’d be curious to hear how this turns out. On one hand it might be a good idea since people love buzz, and “Did you hear Virgin America has free drinks?” might just work for them.

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  1. Many non-US airlines give free drinks on board on all international flights – how’s that any different?

  2. The difference? The PR and marketing campaign.
    They are turning this into an event. The cost negligible — the buzz — priceless.
    Just take a look how many blogs are talking about this.

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