Video of Delta’s emergency evacuation in Colorado Springs

Yesterday morning a Delta 757 flying from Detroit to Phoenix was diverted to Colorado Springs due to an engine problem, which was followed by some sort of fire in the gear upon landing. As a result the aircraft was evacuated via the slides, and the whole incident was caught on tape by a passenger.

It’s always interesting to watch these evacuation videos, though typically we only see the videos of the “less serious” evacuations. On one hand there’s serious danger, but on the other hand, as we can see, it’s somewhat hard for the passengers to take the evacuation entirely seriously. Still, that flight attendant yelling at the end of the video…

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  1. Flew DEN-COS-DEN today to hit 1k, saw the plane getting de-iced and was amazed at how delta could justify flying a 757 to COS. Then I remembered the emergency landing. Pretty sure I saw it when I landed in DEN too. I think they moved it there for further maintenance.

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