US Airways offering elite qualifying miles for purchasing redeemable miles

Yesterday I posted about the fact that US Airways was offering up to a 100% bonus on purchased miles through September 15. No doubt it’s quite a lucrative offer, as is usually the case from US Airways. Well, they’re now offering 1,000 elite qualifying miles for every 10,000 miles purchased as an alternative to the redeemable miles option, with a limit of 5,000 elite qualifying miles.

I’m not mentioning this because it’s a great deal, since you have to choose between the bonus elite qualifying miles and the up to 100% mileage bonus. The mileage bonus is no doubt the better option, unless you somehow know you’ll end the year 1,000 elite qualifying miles short of a certain status level and have absolutely no time to take a flight. But I just admire US Airways’ creativity. Gary is right when he calls US Airways the official Star Alliance premium cabin consolidator. They’ll do anything to sell miles!

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