Up to 50% off select Hilton hotels for weekends through January 2009

This is about as hit-or-miss as promos get, but if you can make it work it’s an incredible deal. Basically there seems to certain hotels (especially in Europe) that are offering 50% off for weekend stays by using promo codes. I’ve done quite a bit of pricing out, and it always seems to be just short of 50% off, and the rates are always non-refundable and include breakfast.

For example, I’m hoping to travel to London and was planning on burning HH points, but that seems to be a waste. Many Hilton hotels in London are just over $100 USD with breakfast, which is pretty darn good.

It seems like this might be the list of hotels that apply for the promo. Be sure to use one of the following promo codes when making the reservation: P78EXO, P82EXO, or PR09SW.

There’s extensive discussion of this at hotukdeals, so check it out if you can’t figure something out. Not sure how long this’ll last, so jump on it while you still can. This is also tempting for the rest of Europe, since the USD:Euro exchange rate has become much more favorable over the past weeks.

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