Up to 40,000 Delta SkyMiles for Sun Trust debit cards

Through the end of the year, Sun Trust is offering 25,000 SkyMiles for a business debit card and 15,000 miles for a personal debit card. Each comes with a $55 annual fee. As far as I can tell, this deal is even easier than the one with Chase, as only a single qualifying purchase is required, and you just need to keep your card open until the bonus posts.

Fortunately I have a Sun Trust branch about three feet from my house, so I’ll be heading there tomorrow to sign up.

If you don’t live near a branch, Frugal Travel Guy seems to have a contact that can help open an account.

While SkyMiles aren’t the most valuable currency out there, I’ll take 40,000 of them for $110.

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  1. New this year is the $1000 minimum on the biz account to avoid $10 monthly feee. I’ll keep my accounts open until Kris and Megan earn their commission. Ask them how long that is and I’m sure they will help us year after year.

  2. Just so you know, you can leverage your Biz account and make a ton more miles. I did this promo last year (it was VISA and 15,000 miles), if you get additional users (up to 4) on your account, you don’t need to give SS# for them (so no inquiries), you should collect 25,000 per card, so for $275 ($55 x 5 cards) for Business account you should be able to get 125,000 Delta Skymiles. You do have $1,000 requirement on your balance. So you should deposit about $1,300 into your account, use each card for $1-2 purchase, and keep over $1,000 in the account to avoid any fees.

    Also, last year I received a one-day pass to Delta Club Room with each account, great gifts to give to people who travel on Delta and do not have status.



  3. Forgot to mention, Rick is ” ‘da man” who turned me onto this promo last year, I got to give a credit to where it’s due! Thank you frugaltravelguy!

  4. @ rick — Thanks for the heads up, will be sure to deposit at least $1,000 then.

    @ PedroNY — Thanks for the heads up, that’s AWESOME! Did you need separate SkyMiles numbers for each of the cards, or they all went into your account? When you signed up for the cards did they tell you this would work, or was it a risk? Would definitely try that out if there were no huge risk…

  5. @ Lucky (or anyone else for that matter), I’m also eagerly awaiting Pedro’s response to your questions. Do you know if this same concept can be applied to the Chase Continental checking promo.

    To be precise, can I sign up multiple authorized users for my Chase checking account and earn the miles bonus multiple times? Thanks

  6. Hi Lucky,

    I called today, and was told that in order to get a Business Card, I had to have a business license # for the state of Virginia. I told her that Virginia doesn’t require business licenses (I’ve done all the Starwood and Chase Continental offers for my “business” and never been asked for this before). She said that it was a Chase policy to require a business license # in all 50 states, even if that state didn’t require one.

    Does this sound right to you?

  7. Lucky, you do not need different Delta #s, actually you should only give your number, and miles should all post to you. There is not a lot of risk, being that you do not need additional SS# for people and there is no credit pull for them. Try it, maybe that loophole is closed, maybe not, not a lot of down side, plenty of upside.

    Zach, I have not tried this with Chase promo, so why don’t you try it and report back — that’s how we can get additional info and see if we can leverage that deal as well! There is a flyertalk thread on this topic, you may want to check it out as well.

  8. “The one-time enrollment bonus miles will be awarded after the first signature-based purchase with your Classic, World or Business Check Card. The first signature-based purchase must be made by 01/31/2011 to be eligible for the one-time enrollment bonus miles…………..

    The World and Business Check Cards earn 1 mile per $1 in signature-based purchases and 2 miles per $1 in direct Delta purchases. Only signature-based purchases, Internet purchases, phone or mail order purchases or automatic bill payments qualify for mileage earnings. ”

    What does the bank then define as a signature based purchase? Is this where you have to actually sign a receipt or machine, or is it a purchase that does NOT have you enter your pin?

  9. @chitownflyer Any purchase where you do not enter your PIN is considered a signature based purchase (even if you don’t actually sign your name)

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