Uber offering up to $55 credit for new members (and $10 credit for existing members)

Okay, this is getting borderline silly, given that Uber offered a $35 credit for new members two weeks ago and a $45 credit for new members last week.

Anyway, Uber now has a promotion in conjunction with Google Wallet (for Android users only) that potentially gets existing members a $10 credit and new members up to a $55 credit. here’s how to take advantage of this promotion:

1. Sign up for Uber, and you will automatically be given a $10 credit. You can sign up using my referral link or Coby’s referral link (he made me award of the offer), or otherwise feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there.

2. Go to Amazon Local and order a free $25 Uber bonus certificate for new members through Amazon Local (this must be requested by tomorrow, July 10, and redeemed by August 31). You should receive an email with the free $25 certificate within half an hour or so of placing the order. The amount won’t show up as a credit balance, though will be applied to your first ride.


3. Uber is offering a $20 credit to any new member that pays with Google Wallet or $10 credit to an existing member that pays with Google Wallet. Simply link your Google Wallet account to your Uber account, which can be done directly through the app.

This is valid in the US only and excludes uberTAXI. You can find the full terms & conditions here.

Pretty awesome promotion whether you’re a new or existing member!

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  1. Looks like the Google Wallet is only for Android users at this time. No Google Wallet button in the payment section of iPhone app….

  2. Other Ben is correct! I use an Android so I didn’t even consider the fact that Google Wallet isn’t available on iPhone. Good luck to those that can find a way to take advantage of this deal!

  3. If we signed up last week and have yet to use Uber, do we still qualify for the 20 google-wallet credit?

  4. Stay tuned next week for a brand new installment of **$65 credit for new members of UBER brought you by AMEX, Amazon Local, Bloomberg, your referrer, and overseen by an auditor from KPMG.

  5. Does the $20 credit for google wallet show up under promotions? All I see is the $25 amazon credit and my $10 credit from signing up although I did all 3.

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