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I am a huge fan of Uber in general, and I think the business model is fantastic (and clearly I’m not alone, or else they wouldn’t be valued at 18 billion dollars). Particularly in cities that have a less-than-savory relationship with the local taxi “mafias” a car service like Uber can be refreshing. Heck, during my visit to Warsaw a couple of days back I had two taxi issues in a day, neither of which would have happened if it were a city with Uber.

That’s the beauty of an instant feedback system like what Uber offers. When you’re able to rate the driver on the spot (and in turn, they rate you), it creates a system whereby drivers are more focused on maintaining their overall relationship with Uber than maximizing profits with every ride (by doing things like what I experienced in Warsaw).

There are some fair complaints about Uber’s surge pricing, though I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve encountered that. For the most part, I actually use Uber to and from airports, and in many cities Uber offers flat rate pricing to the city center, which while not cheap, can still be a great value, particularly abroad.

I’ve listed the international fixed-rate routes below, but you can easily check the rates in various locations by visiting the Uber website.

Uber Airport Rates in EuropeuberPOP / uberX to City CenterUber BLACK To City Center
Amsterdam, Netherlands | SCHIPHOL AIRPORTn/a€45
Berlin, Germany | SCHÖNEFELD AIRPORT€40€60
Den Haag, Netherlands | SCHIPHOL AIRPORTn/a€ 100,00
London, United Kingdom | HEATHROW AIRPORT£37£60
London, United Kingdom | LONDON CITY AIRPORT£30£35
London, United Kingdom | LONDON GATWICK AIRPORT£55£110.00
Lyon, France | SAINT EXUPERY AIRPORTn/a€50
Manchester, United Kingdom | MANCHESTER AIRPORTn/a£18
Milan, Italy | AEROPORTO DI MILANO-MALPENSA€60€ 120,00
Paris, France | AÉROPORT PARIS-CDG€35€70
Paris, France | AÉROPORT PARIS-ORLY€30€60
Rome, Italy | CIAMPINO AIRPORTn/a€55
Rome, Italy | FIUMICINO AIRPORTn/a€65
Rotterdam, Netherlands | SCHIPHOL AIRPORTn/a€ 130,00
Stockholm, Sweden | ARLANDA AIRPORT520,00 kr750,00 kr
Vienna, Austria | VIENNA AIRPORTn/a€50
Zurich, Switzerland | ZURICH AIRPORTn/aFr.89

Uber Airport Rates in Asia & IndiauberPOP / uberX to City CenterUber BLACK To City Center
Bangalore, India | BENGALURU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTn/a₨ 1,885.00
Bangkok, Thailand | BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTn/a฿550.00
Beijing, China | BEIJING AIRPORT¥250.00¥300.00
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR | HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTn/a$600.00
Jakarta, Indonesia | JAKARTA AIRPOTn/aRp200,000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | KL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTn/aRM220.00
Seoul, South Korea | INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTn/a₩150,000
Shanghai, China | PUDONG AIRPORT¥258.00¥350.00
Singapore, Singapore | CHANGI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTn/a$55
Taipei, Taiwan | TAOYUAN (AIRPORT)/ZHONGLINT$1,000.00 NT$1,500.00
Tokyo, Japan | NARITA AIRPORTn/a¥40,000

Uber Airport Rates in Australia/New ZealanduberX To City CenterUber BLACK To City Center
Auckland, New Zealand | AUCKLAND AIRPORT$70n/a
Melbourne, Australia | TULLAMARINE AIRPORT$55$80
Sydney, Australia | DOMESTIC AIRPORTn/a$65
Sydney, Australia | INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTn/a$75

Uber Airport Rates in Africa & Middle EastUber BLACK To City Center
Dubai, United Arab Emirates | DUBAI AIRPORTS AED50
Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates | DUBAI AIRPORTSAED100.00
Durban, South Africa | DURBAN KING SHAKA AIRPORTR420,00

Uber Airport Rates in Central/South AmericaUber to City Center

Obviously there are more economical ways to get from many of these airports using public transportation, but if you are traveling with multiple people, have bags, or are commuting outside of standard hours, the convenience factor of the Uber airport pickup sure can’t be beat.

Particularly when I’m abroad it’s nice to just get in the car and go without having to deal with the hassles of negotiating fares or pre-paying for a car service. Having the fare and tip automatically charged to my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card for double points is the icing on the cake!

As you can see, Uber is available in nearly 40 countries, and has standardized rates for over 100 airports. The service is constantly expanding, so I’m sure we’ll see more cities on the list soon!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.47.16 PM

Referral Program

Uber has a pretty cool referral program, and historically the bonus was $10. That means the person being referred gets a $10 bonus and the person doing the referring gets a $10 bonus after the person they’ve referred has taken their first ride.

They’re back now with one of the best “straightforward” referral bonuses I’ve ever seen. For a limited time, Uber is offering a $30 referral credit, whereby both the person being referred and the person referring receive a free ride of up to $30.

So if you sign up for Uber now you will be given a $30 credit. You can sign up using my referral link or feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there. Then when you take your first ride, the $30 will immediately be applied towards your first ride.

Alternatively, if you have an Uber account, be sure to refer your friends during this promotion. I’m always amazed by how many people haven’t yet signed up for Uber, and you can’t beat the value of this sign-up bonus, both for the person referring and the person being referred.

One thing worth noting is that the credit has to be redeemed in USD, so wouldn’t be valid on foreign airport transfers, assuming you’re signing up for a US account.

Has anyone else used Uber overseas, or from airports? What are your thoughts on the fixed-rate pricing?

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  1. Great list, Ben. Just an idea – maybe a third column for the equivalent fare for a standard taxi?

  2. If anyone wants to help out a friend and colleague of Ben’s who tries to contribute good deals when I find them (like the Aer Lingus 50k Business Class r/t deal) I’d much appreciate you using my link. You’ll still earn the same $30 credit as Ben has noted.


    Thanks all! Best, MAC

  3. Love those Heathrow rates.

    I do take issue with this, though — “There are some fair complaints about Uber’s surge pricing,”

    No, there really aren’t.

    1. Surge pricing is disclosed clearly in advance. You can take them up on it or not.

    2. It’s only during times of scarcity. And Uber isn’t keeping most of it (their percentage cut remains the same). It brings out drivers who would otherwise stay home or go home.

    I’ve arrived at Penn Station in New York at 4pm on a Friday. Shift change. It’s raining. Cab line an hour long. Destination not convenient to subway. Will I pay 1.5x and have a ride right away? Darned straight. Better than not having a ride at all, or waiting an hour.

    Is it better for everyone? No. The higher price suppresses demand as well.

    But it encourages drivers who might have gone off shift to work a little while longer while demand is high.

    Or during a snowstorm, gosh it’s just easier to stay warm and inside but they’ll come out and take people where they need to go for a higher fare. The regulated fare system doesn’t allow it, and creates shortages at key times.

    Surge pricing isn’t just defensible, it’s actually brilliant, and I’m sick of listening to people complain about something that provides rides when without the system there wouldn’t be any.

  4. I do hope no one pays $150 for a transfer in Seoul. The train/deluxe bus will take you the same amount of time (or less) and won’t cost nearly as much. The $392 for a transfer in Tokyo just sounds excessive but then again, it is Tokyo. Great list though. Thanks!

  5. MAC send me an email and I’ll just shoot you $30. Worth it for your contributions. 😉

  6. Stayed at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome and needed to get to Orly Airport. Of course, they recommended a limo that was a fortune. I asked how much a taxi would be and they said between 50-60 Euro. Decided to try Uber (have used it in the US) and it was 40 Euro in a BMW with a lovely driver. Great deal and could not have been easier.

  7. Great post. My only issue is that in many cities, you can’t use uberx from the airport. However, uberx in general is often lower than even a taxi, and obviously more convenient. One other issue is how to use uber abroad: in the US, they generally call you to confirm, whereas some people (read: me) turn off voice. So, hopefully they can dispense with that and just rely on the wifi part.

  8. Are these the correct Uber rates for Latin America? I can’t speak to the European or Asian rates, but the rates listed for Santiago de Chile, Panama City, and Bogota are higher than the official taxi fares. In Panama, my last airport taxi was $25; in Bogota, COP 22,000; and in Santiago, CLP 15,000, in all cases, to central areas of the cities.

  9. Hi, Lucky!

    So the customers are also rated? I didn’t find anywhere on the my profile that shows my rating..

    Also, I’m curious about Uber’s business model and logic of pre-set gratitude percentage. It doesn’t make sense to me that you already decide on the tips before having the service. Alternatively, they could send you a push-off on the completion of the ride and have you tip and rate the driver. Not sure what are the reasons that they go with the current model.

    That being said, I am also a huge fan of Uber, if not an addict to it.

  10. I used Uber in Paris just to get around. Got a very nice, brand new Mercedes E class sedan. The driver was very courteous as well.

  11. Uber’s website does not show you your rating. It might improve passenger behavior if it did, though!

    Just ask a driver 🙂

    But do it nicely or they might give you a bad rating… 😛

  12. I use Uber a lot in Amsterdam because I live nearby. The flat rate from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam is reasonable. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend to take Uber from The Hague (Den Haag)/Rotterdam to Amsterdam Airport and vice versa. The price is simply too high. Last week Uber Amsterdam announced that they offer “first class service for a coach price”. People mentioned that the fare Rotterdam – Amsterdam Airport most of the time is not higher than €100.

    What can you expect from Uber in Amsterdam?
    I use Uber a lot in and around Amsterdam (maybe too much). So I give my personal experience of Uber in Amsterdam.

    Most of the time you end up in a Mercedes-Benz S Class or BMW 7 Series. If you are “lucky” you end up in the Jaguar XJ. The driver wears a suit and opens the door for you. There will be some magazines, newspapers (English), bottle of water or/and Red Bull and some candies. Most cars have window shades for your privacy and a phone charger. I know some cars have wifi and a TV screen on board, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    Cars are usually Mercedes-Benz E Class, BMW 5 Series or Audi A6. Same as for UberLux, Driver wears a suit and opens the door for you. And a bottle of water is available. Sometimes they offer additional perks such as magazines.

    Uber Amsterdam loves their surge pricing. You can bet surge pricing is on during rush hour and Thu-Fri-Sat evening/night.

  13. I’d like to see a comparison to regular taxi too. I spent 120 Chinese yuan from beijing airport to southwest of beijing, which passes the city center. So 250 is way too high.

  14. Agree about those LHR rates. Very good. Can you imagine the surge rates during a tube strike? I happened to arrive the morning of the tube strike in February and took Heathrow Express to Paddington, expecting to take a taxi to my hotel. Fortunately, my local contact thought ahead and pre-ordered a car. Good thing, too, as the queues were 3+ hours long!

  15. Ben, i trust ur work the most but when u say uber is great, im disappointed. First of all, getting a cab isnt hard and getting one with fair/local price isnt hard. Just make sure its agreed upon before getting in. Ive never had any issues.

    Uber is way too expensive than if u get a cab from outside the airport. And most major countries have organized taxi hailing service right outside.

    I understand if u tell ppl to use referral bonuses but dont pay in full with ur own money but thats not the case.

    Example in hong kong since thats ur favorite asian destination. Ur chart says $500 or was it $600. To get to those destination it costs only $300-$350 WITHOUT tip. Using uber will cost $500/$600 then add whatever % tip u set ur account as.

    People , dont believe the hype. Uber is NOT worth paying straight all out of pocket.

    Im disappointed in all these bloggers pushing anything with referrals even when its a bad deal.

  16. I live in auckland and bangkok so i know the rates well. The uber rate for bkk shown is bt550. A meter taxi for same journey is only about bt220. The rate for auckland airport to city is shown as nz$70 (i assume not us$). That price would pay for a limousine type of car for same journey

  17. But THB550 for UberBlack BKK to City Center is a great price. Of course public transit or a meter taxi is less. But AOT will want ~ THB1000 for a Camry. Uber beats the pre-arranged Nissan I’ve usually used, too.

  18. @ Darren Popik — The rates are often higher, but keep in mind you’re getting a nicer car and hopefully better experience.

  19. @ Terence — Yep, you don’t see your own rating, but you are rated with every ride, also ranging from one to five stars.

  20. @ Mike — In many cases Uber is cheaper than a taxi. Just look at London, for example, where UberX is cheaper than a taxi… by far. In many cases it is more expensive, but also much cheaper than a comparable car service, and more convenient, in my opinion.

  21. If the main thing you hate about taxis are the insane minimum costs that result from heavy lobbying by taxi companies then Uber is no solution for you. If all you want is a nicer car at a greater cost then Uber is for you. UberX isn’t much of an option due to the lack of relevant insurance available to most drivers.

  22. Correction on Paris:
    UberX from CDG to Right Bank is 45 Euros and to Left Bank is 50 Euros. Just got back from Paris 3 wks ago. Loved using Uber in Paris.

  23. I agree with lucky about Uber being cheaper most of the time than regular taxis, but not always when it comes to flat rates. Personally I find it difficult to compare Uber with the regular taxis because every city offers different Uber products such as UberX and UberBlack.

    In the Netherlands, most UberBlack drivers drive also for the regular taxi central. If they drive with a taxi sign on the roof and they get an Uber request, they first remove the taxi sign before picking up the customer.

    Lucky, I partly agree with you Uber being cheaper than car services. Here in The Netherlands, Uber is only on short drives (up to 30 a 40 km) cheaper than limousine services.

  24. Have never used Uber before, but willing to try it in a few weeks from Vienna airport to city center hotel. One big question, is for two people who will be traveling with 5 bags plus carryons. With taxis you can look for a wagon type taxi. Can you do the same with Uber Black? Thanks for your reply.

  25. Someone helps me read the rate for Ho Chi Minh City please. I saw the highest at 117,954 vnd = $5.50. Is this right?

  26. I tried to use Uber in Lyon last summer and was left on the curb with no car………took a taxi and survived quite fine………haven’t given them a second chance………..put up or shut up………

  27. I think some of you are missing the point. It may be that the official rate in a foreign country for Taxi’s is xyz but the problem is:
    – in Argentina they may give you back false currency
    – in other countries they may have played with their meter or show you some official looking list giving you a fake price
    – even in major European cities like Berlin it happens (though not often) that a fraudster cabbie says a 15 Euro ride is 100 or even 200 Euro.

    So with Uber you are reducing your risk and if you take that unofficial/rip-off pricing into account on average Uber may save you money even if it is less expensive than the official rate.

    I think one reason why Uber is doing so well is that with the rating system it helps keep people honest. Until Taxi services world-wide introduce this system and ensure that people can’t create multiple fake accounts they will always be at a disadvantage. So much of this talk about Uber not meeting the legal requirements of each locality/country is really just a cover for them not wanting to or being able to solve the central trust issue. Another reason is convenience of payment. Not having to deal with tips and wait or find out that the cab’s credit card scanner isn’t working leaves a lasting bad impression.

  28. Also remember, these prices are up to 4 passengers, 3 in some überX. Traveling with a family of four, Uber Black was almost always cheaper than the Trains, or Taxis, or Limos. The train in Paris to Orly from our station was 13€/pp. our Uber Black ended up being 41€ and it was private door to door service. Carrying luggage through the train station, or private drive curb-to-curb?

  29. Oh, and if you liked that tip, please consider using my Uber code, uberscottcate, and get $30 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at uber.com/invite/uberscottcate

  30. Hi, if anyone would like to help out a grad student please consider using the link below:

    Truly appreciate it!

  31. In some cities, Uber is really an excellent option. I would agree that you can’t really compare a cab to an Uber black, especially in many Asian countries where the taxis aren’t using Merc E-classes or the like, whereas Uber blacks are.

    But I have to disagree with the London Heathrow ‘good value’ concept. If you use another private car/”limo” service (just Google, and you’ll find heaps of companies offering such products) to LHR from even King’s Cross (central London, towards the more eastern side, though), the fare is only in the region of 40 pounds. 30 if you start from around Hyde Park. Although this would require online/telephone booking in advance, chances are if you’re headed to the airport, you can realistically book in advance.

    On the other hand, Taipei is an excellent city to use Uber in. Taxi from central Taipei to Taoyuan Airport costs NTD 1200 which is more or less ‘set’ by the taxis anyway. So for an addition 300 NTD (~$10), you can upgrade from an old-ish, cramped (perhaps South Korean-manufactured) cab to a full size saloon.

  32. Not bad pricing. I recently paid 95 pounds for a BMW from LHR to the city center.

    As far as it’s overall worth, you have to look at Uber on a case by case basis. In NYC, my favorite use of Uber is actually UberT, which allows you to hail the “Green” NYC taxis from the outer borougs. It makes getting home to Manhattan from Brooklyn very easy at night. The UberX, Uber Black services tend to be more expensive than NYC cabs, but they can be useful during rainstorms or whatever.

  33. uber is a great service. and respectfully disagree about AKL… NZ$70 if you’re REALLY lucky in a normal cab to Queen St, without traffic. i’ve always paid NZ$90 plus. the herald just did an expose about how people were getting charged up to NZ$150 and higher. so at least w/ uber there’s some consistency b/c the authorities seem uninterested in regulating it.

    as for LHR, well, i paid 70 quid to get from heathrow to ealing on boxing day when the trains and buses were all shut. 55 is a right fair deal to central london.

  34. Does anyone know if a Uber Black will be large enough for two people traveling with 5 bags plus carryons from Vienna airport to Hilton Plaza, which is a city center hotel? Thanks for any feedback!

  35. @OldFlyer in most cases yes, UberBlack could fit you. I’m traveling all over Europe with my family of four. We each have a roll-a-board, and a backpack. All the Uber Black cars fit us fine. If you have 5 large rolling suitcases it might not fit, bit that’s any car. In some airports, I see the option to call a Van, but these seem to be much more rare. You could contact them on twitter for a direct answer. https://twitter.com/uber_wien/status/463695039705939968

  36. Thanks for the good info. I don’t have Twitter (know that sounds odd today), but I can go on the Uber website and/or email them to see what they say. Again, thanks. Much appreciated.

  37. $400 to Narita?! I know it’s kinda far, but still. That’s just ridiculous unless you’re a rich businessman

  38. @ Mike — Well right, and no one in their right mind would ever take anything but a bus or train into Tokyo from Narita.

  39. @ Mike – $400 for a drive from NRT is rather steep but seems to be comparable to what a regular taxi charges.

    Vienna rates seem to be pretty good. A limo service I booked through Hotel Bristol charges 55 euro for VIE-city and 45 the other way (in Mercedes E200/E220; more for bigger cars).

    Zurich rates are probably x1.5 higher than a taxi. From 4P Sihlcity to ZRH it was 55 or 60 francs. If you have time, a train and/or tram is way cheaper, of course.

  40. Great tips. One question I have is how do you use the Uber app overseas? Do you purchase a SIM card with data plan in every country or would you have a better tip for that?

  41. @ Mon — You do need data on your phone, so that’s the one challenge. Sometimes if using Uber from a hotel I’ll just be connected to the hotel’s wifi. Otherwise I’d recommend getting a T-Mobile plan which includes unlimited international data. I’ll be switching from AT&T to T-Mobile soon.

  42. Thanks for the reply, Ben. I’ve been holding on to AT&T due to my legacy unlimited data plan that they no longer offer. However, when overseas I’m restricted to WIFI, which is quite frustrating. I’ll look into the T-mobile plan in the next couple of months when my contract is up.

  43. Do these airport rate need to be pre-booked in advance? Or simply just order on the spot and it should adjust if your origin/destination is an airport?

  44. Used Uber London today to move from a conference hotel in Islington to an airbnb place in Shepherds Bush. 16 pounds. My airbnb host tells me even a mini ab would have been 20.
    Will likely use Uber to LHR on Sunday morning since Virgin doesn’t offer the free limo for premium economy passengers.

  45. That was the last drop – I’ve installed it now, thanks! 🙂 Tomorrow will be test drive in Jakarta

  46. Hi Lucky

    When you arrive at an airport were do the Uber cars normally pick you up?

    I am traveling to LHR so I was wondering how to get a Uber from airport to city


  47. @ Carlos — Usually in the arrivals section, though it’s something you can coordinate with the driver.

  48. Uber Taxi in Jakarta now has launched their UberX option, Cost about IDR 90-100K one way to city center.
    Get IDR 75 K Uber Credit with my Uber Promo code : ASTRANIVUE

    read more about my review on Uber Taxi service in Jakarta on my blog : Review of Uber Taxi service in Jakarta

  49. Have you (or anyone) used uber in Brussels? Trying to get an estimate fee there and no car will appear on the map when the pin is on the airport. As soon as I get the pin out of the airport zone, all the cars will re-appear on the app’s map and can get a time estimate, quote etc. Is there any problem at Brussels airport with Uber? Do Uber drivers coordinate with you to pick you up at the Kiss and Fly zone? Thanks for the info!

  50. I am staying holiday inn M4.
    Heathrow airport.
    Needs ride 8 miles Denham Middlesex.
    Anoopam mission. Uk.
    Advice fair needs rife for two or four people.
    For 8days

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