Uber $45 sign-up bonus ends tonight

Early in the week I wrote about the amazing $45 Uber sign-up bonus that was being offered to new members. While the $25 Amazon Local deal is valid through July 10, the $20 increased sign-up bonus ends at midnight PT tonight, so if you want the full $45 sign-up bonus you’ll have to sign up by tonight.

As a reminder, here’s what you have to do to take advantage of the offer:

1. Sign up for Uber, and you will automatically be given a $20 credit. You can sign up using my referral link, or otherwise feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 1.09.33 AM

2. Go to Amazon Local and order a free $25 Uber bonus certificate for new members through Amazon Local (which must be requested by July 10, and redeemed by August 31). You should receive an email with the free $25 certificate within half an hour or so of placing the order. The amount won’t show up as a credit balance, though will be applied to your first ride.


It really is that easy, and if you’re not yet a member this is a really easy way to get a $45 Uber ride for free. Even if you wouldn’t otherwise use Uber or don’t plan on using it long term, two minutes of work will pay off big time here.

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  1. Now I wish I had not signed up months ago (since I have yet to use the service).

    Although I can’t get the $20 New Member credit (or give you a referral credit), I assume that because I had not yet used the service, I still qualified as a “New Member”. Hence, was able to apply an Amazon cert for a free (<$25) ride for my account. 🙂

    Thnx for the reminder, Ben.

  2. My experience using Uber has not been good. Last week, tried to use at IAD, a message popped up saying- ” Demand is through the roof, please note rates are 2X( twice) at this time( 11.30 P.M., proceed if you accept”. So, instead of $60, i had to pay around $120 for 20 miles.

  3. Use my Uber code, olifb, and get $20 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at uber.com/invite/olifb

  4. Hi, I’m the last person, probably with zero chances, so I would really appreciate if you clicked on this link 🙂

  5. @ Oscar- I don’t see your link, so I used Bald Army Guy’s

    Mine is down below with <2 hours to go. I would appreciate the referral 🙂

    @Lucky- As a follow up to SG, where does it say that the voucher can only be used in the US?

  6. @ tp — I can’t guarantee it, but since it’s an Amazon Local deal in the US I don’t think it can be used outside the US. My understanding is that Uber credit can’t be used in a different currency, so since it’s in USD it would have to be used here. For example, if you sign up for Uber in Europe you’d get a 20EUR sign-up bonus, as opposed to 20USD.

  7. I followed the instructions so I should have received the credit, but how can I tell? I don’t see a way to view my uber credit.

  8. @ Sean — When you log into your account and click on “dashboard” you should see your current credit. Then if you click on “promotions” you should see the Amazon Local credit.

  9. @Lucky

    Thanks for the reply. When I click on dashboard I don’t see any credit. When I click on promotions I see the Amazon Local credit. I wonder why I didn’t get the $20 sign up credit.

  10. @ Sean — Did you sign up using a referral link? If so the $20 credit should have posted as soon as you signed up. I’d suggest emailing them if it didn’t post.

  11. Yes. In fact, I used your referral link so you should have received $20 too. I emailed them a few min ago. I’ll keep you posted.

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