Uber $30 First Ride Bonus Is Back

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As I’ve explained many times in the past, Uber is one of those companies that uses technology to make life better. When public transportation in a city isn’t good, I used to get really frustrated by the lack of options and taxi “mafias,” though for the cities in which Uber operates I love them. They have UberBLACK, which is the “standard” service and a bit more than a taxi, while they also have UberX, which is usually cheaper than a taxi. And thanks to the instant feedback loop (you rating the driver and the driver rating you), service is excellent across the board, in my experience.

Uber has long offered sign-up and referral bonuses, whereby both the person referring and the person being referred get a bonus. For much of last year, Uber offered a $30 referral bonus, though they ended that on November 23, 2014. Since then the bonus has instead been $20.

Well, for a limited time Uber is once again offering a bonus whereby both the person being referred and the person referring receive a $30 credit. That’s more than enough for a free ride in many markets (or in many cases, enough for a nearly two hour visit to Dominos). Keep in mind the bonus is only valid in the country in which it was issued, and it expires within six months (which is a new rule as of last year).


Through this promotion the person being referred immediately gets a $30 credit which can be applied towards their first ride, while the person referring gets the credit after the person’s first ride.

You can sign up for the $30 bonus using my referral link or feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there. Once you’ve signed up with a referral link you should immediately see the free ride credit in your account. Then when you take your first ride, the cost will automatically be deducted from your credit balance.

  1. Please feel free to sign up using my referral code “wadej14” – I used uber in NYC last August/September while at the U.S. Open, and the service was great!

  2. Lucky, does your referral have the fine print : To get your free ride worth $30, friends must take their ride by February 16, 2015. Noticed that after my friend signed up with my referral. Can she delete her account so she can get another free ride referral without the 2/16 deadline?

  3. thanks lucky! Timely. I’m using my husbands code, tomorrow when we arrive in Honolulu we’ll use my new Uber app and credit and return to airport use my husbands credit. You saved us $60,

  4. @ Valerie — Now that I look at the terms, does indeed seem to be the rule. The terms state you can get only one bonus per person, so can’t delete and sign up again.

  5. Is there any way to see how many free rides we have left? I referred a few people last year, but I can’t find anywhere in my account that shows the number of free rides I have left, or when they expire.

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  7. If the ride I take costs more than $30 (which is how much I have in credit from promo codes), then does the ride get covered by that $30 and then I just pay the difference?

  8. Uber is one of a kind. You get a ride up to $30 for FREE your first time with promo code uberfreeridefirsttime and enjoy quality and multiple opportunities to get a free ride. Unheard of by competitors and clean enjoyable rides in new cars. Quality service. Can’t complain, never calling a car service again!

  9. I will be traveling to Europe this summer. Will the $30 promo apply to a ride in Europe charged in Euros or any other currency?


  10. Just got Uber it’s awesome! Use my code, it’s up to $30 off your first ride! Enjoy!

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  11. I’m new to this, so would be really nice if my code worth $30 was used 🙂 ‘martha191’ thanks a mil 🙂

  12. I signed up using a referral code above, would appreciate if someone would share the love and do the same for me. Thanks!

    $30 off first ride referral code: ih9quue


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