Two videos….

My friend Zach sent me a link to two cool YouTube videos today which I thought I’d pass on.

The first one is of a NW 747 belly landing in Guam back in 2005, so I’m surprised I hadn’t seen it before. The cool part is seeing the reactions inside the plane, and frankly I’m quite surprised. If I had been on the flight I would’ve been pretty damn scared, be it a realistic fear or not (although unlike something like turbulence I’d say there is a real risk in a case like this). The fact that people are laughing and even videotaping it is surprising to me, especially since there’s quite a bit of smoke in the front of the aircraft at around 6:12.

The second video is about Hong Kong. Yes it’s a bit cheesy with a half a$$sed plot and the boy chasing a red balloon, but many of the sites of Hong Kong along with the incredible vibe are perfectly captured. If you’ve been to Hong Kong I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and if you haven’t had the pleasure I’m sure you’ll want to go.

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  1. I found the video (landing problem) interesting too, how people are laughing and such. I too would be, get me off this thing, such a monster to land as it did with such immense weight and force on the front of the plane.

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