Triple American Express Membership Rewards points on flight purchases

American Express is offering triple Membership Rewards points for all flight purchases made between July 1 September 30. Registration is required.

(Tip of the hat to MilesQuest)

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  1. Unfortunately not good for me either but thanks for posting it. Always worth a try

    We’re sorry. This account is not eligible for this promotion.

    We’re sorry. This special promotion is only open to invited Card members.

  2. When calling AMEX MR today, I accidentally found out about this promo by asking MR whether they had any promos, so it is cool to see that you are in the know as well.

  3. Though I don’t recall being targetted (no emails or mail to this effect), it turns out that I am eligible.

    “You have successfully enrolled in this special Membership Rewards(R) bonus points promotion for our American Express(R) Card members.”

    Thanks, Lucky!

  4. Thanks

    I didn’t receive any communication but when I tried one card showed eligible.

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