Throwback Thursday: Lost in Translation

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As I’ve mentioned previously, one of the greatest things about the miles & points hobby is being able to share incredible experiences with family & friends. The main reason I write trip reports is to share my travel experiences with you guys in hopes of everyone being able to travel as comfortably as possible. But another reason is that it’s sort of a fun record for me to have of some of the amazing experiences I’ve had over the years.

So with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to “throwback” to a trip I took to Japan a few years ago. This trip is unique in that it wasn’t an award redemption, and is instead a great example of a good deal on a premium business class fare.

Booking the fare was actually pretty straightforward, and I was able to apply some American Executive Platinum Systemwide Upgrades and fly in first class from New York JFK to Los Angeles and then Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita. Though perhaps the best part of the flights wasn’t even what happened onboard, but rather what happened in the Japan Airlines Lounge at Tokyo Narita, whereby we were profusely apologized to for being upgraded. I love Japan!


We spent the bulk of our time in Kyoto, splitting our stay between the Hyatt Regency Kyoto (which really should be branded as a Park Hyatt, in my opinion) and a more traditional-styled hotel, the Hoshinoya Kyoto. We ended our trip at the Westin Nagoya Castle, before flying home the same way.

Of all the places I travel to, Japan is the one place where I always feel like I’m not quite sure I get what’s going on. It’s part of what makes the experience so interesting, as there’s nowhere else I feel as foreign.


You can find the full series here:

Westin Atlanta Airport
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American Airlines First Class Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita
Japan Airlines Business Class Tokyo Narita to Nagoya
Hyatt Regency Kyoto
Hoshinoya Kyoto
Westin Nagoya Castle
Japan Airlines Business Class Nagoya to Tokyo Narita
American Airlines First Class Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles
American Airlines First Class Los Angeles to New York JFK

And if you haven’t checked out my Trip Report Index, there are reviews of just about every flight I’ve taken and hotel I’ve stayed at. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration for your next trip!

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  1. Hah, just got off JL2 from Tokyo just now and I totally understand what you mean by “Lost in Translation”!

  2. This blog is dying isn’t it…I hope not. But it happened to CompletelyNaked too….Just random posts not related to the original content and then the revelation a few months later that you’ve moved on. Hope you continue but wish you luck in the future 🙂 🙂

  3. @Skylar – It sure is. Mostly credit card posts now, without the trip reports in between. What little reports come now are reposts from years ago, which probably aren’t even accurate anymore. Sadly though I’d bet all the new readers that found this from RS won’t care.

  4. Japan is my favourite country in the world! I learned Japanese, so if you ever need a translator… 😉

  5. Lucky,

    I just got back from Japan where I flew JAL F. Had one of the most awkward and uncoordinated flight ever…I think I got a subpar crew…=/

  6. Japan surely did an excellent work to persuade the world to believe it’s not the rogue country 70 years ago. I wish it’s true, but that’s wait and see…

  7. Skylar and Neil S. I agree completely. I have been a regular reader but I have to admit that the content has deteriorated significantly. His non-sequiturs and self indulgent babble has really overstayed it’s welcome. Time to move on.

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