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Check out my weekly column over at This week we’re doing something a bit different. Instead of me sharing my best tips, I’m hoping y’all will share some of your best tips for my upcoming travels, as I’m about to embark on a round the world journey (or two). There are even two prizes up for grabs, one for the person who provides me with the best tip, which is a free award travel consultation through my consulting business, PointsPros. The second prize, which is $400, is for whoever provides the all around best tips in TravelSort’s new Destination Q&A section (so if you’re well traveled, that might just be an easy $400).


  1. Best satay is going to be at the food stalls, several in particular at the East Coast Lagoon Village hawker stalls which have the added benefit of being on the water. (Best fried kway teow would be found at the stalls on Old Airport Rd)

    Best place for breakfast is easy – a no brainer! You’re a Hyatt Diamond, redeem at the Park Hyatt. Your otherwise $27 iced tea will be free. 🙂

    For KUL, you can do even cheaper and probably better, but mix your food with an obligatory visit to the Petronas Towers by eating in the food court.

    Melbourne, I think most everything touristy (zoo, botanic gardens) are outdone in Sydney. But it’s a great dining city.

    For eating with a habour view just check out the lounge of the Intercontinental! Or head down to Circular Quay?

    I realize that by posting these suggestions here I am not eligible to win a free consultation.

  2. Hmm, seems like the second prize has more cash value than the first prize! Why would I not want $400 cash, which I could then use on PointsPro’s (if I wanted) or anything else?

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