The Priority Club “Great Asia 3-Day Sale” has started…. two days early!

Well, it seems Priority Club has chosen to start the “Great Asia 3-Day Sale” two days early. On one hand I’m happy because, as I mentioned on Friday, I’m not very patient. On the other hand, why name this promotion a “3-day sale” when you open it up for five days?!? That’s almost like Hilton extending the “January Sale” into February. They should have just called it the “Winter Sale” or something to begin with.

Now that my rant is out of the way, I have to say the prices themselves are somewhat disappointing. I guess I didn’t fully know what kind of a sale to expect, but the rates aren’t that great. The savings seem to be around 10-25%, which I guess isn’t bad. The reason I won’t be taking advantage of this is because the rates are non-refundable. I always hate locking in rates since price drops are so common, as I experienced just yesterday with a Marriott I’m staying at during my trip to Asia.

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  1. Accor is also having a similar campaign. The campaign already started on 24th and will end today 26th.

    1 million rooms available across 13 country destinations. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Bali and starts at only USD35. Better option than IHG’s offer?

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