That’s hot!

Sorry Paris Hilton, I’m talking about United. We’ve gotta give credit where credit is due, and in this case United deserves some credit. They seem to have just posted miles from the double EQM promotion a full 2-4 weeks ahead of when they promised they would. Yeah, other airlines posted them faster, but they also promised them faster.

Having an EQM balance right around 300,000 makes me a happy camper!


  1. Does this mean that newly minted 1K’s who received e-500s during 2Q will receive their first 2 CR-1s this coming Saturday 7/11? If so, that’s very nice of United to do this now instead of next week!

  2. Yep Gene, it sure does. CR1’s for everyone!

    If my upgrade doesn’t clear you can bet I’ll be sending a complaint letter to United for issuing too many CR1’s to all these 1K lites. 😉

  3. Loving 1K already! Had to call the 1K reservations line today and didn’t even hold in the queue long enough to hear any of Rhapsody in Blue – just “your call will be answered in the…” and then someone picked up! Someone competent, friendly, and english-speaking.

  4. @Hunter: don’t count on anything but the third part of that being consistent… 🙂

  5. FWIW. Even as a 1K. I prefer the ICC when it comes to award tickets. With ICC, I can “suggest” interesting routings, they’d always obliged. Whereas, the 1K agents are too smart for me and tell me that it is not available or that’s not possible. For this reason, I have not called the 1K desk for a long time, unless it’s irrops.

  6. Glad it did post today!


    Let say you are waitlisted for an upgrade as 1K with L fare showing number #1 (on the DM list) at the time and then this 1K with Y fare put him/herself on the upgrade list 10 minutes later, would I be number one still?


  7. @ first — The 1K on the Y fare would jump ahead of the 1K on the L fare. That’s why you can often get bumped down on the upgrade list as more and more people check-in or add themselves to the upgrade waitlist.

  8. sorry to ask you again, does the waitlist work the same priority before it goes to DM list ( I meant like 10 days departure)


  9. No, once it goes to DM it goes by status, then fare class, then time added to the waitlist. Before DM it goes by the waitlist you’re on, first on, first off, at least in theory. There are two waitlists, the PA waitlist for 1K’s, and the PB waitlist for everyone else. Of course practice can be different than theory.

  10. Lucky,

    Have they posted all your extra SWUs as result of the DEQM? You are going to have a batch of SWUs expiring in the summer next year, and I hope you get to enjoy them all in the next 12 months.

  11. @ UA_Flyer — Nope, not yet. I’d expect that to happen in the next week or two. I should be earning at least 14 (maybe 16) this year. 😀

    Happy flying!

  12. lucky,

    1K travel on full fare,do they listed on the manifest as 100k flyer and full fare too?


    Have a great weekend in California!

  13. Yes, they sure do. The main manifest will say “FULL” next to your status. The meal order sheet just has the star rating, which would be three stars for both a 1K or a full fare passenger.

  14. I have to say that I’m in love with my status and I’m addicted to UA more and more now.GS would be nice but required lots of $$$$ to qualify,do you think 20 domestic coast to coast R/T in Y or A (HRUPMY) would count maybe?


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