Targeted Amex Platinum CardMatch Offer Still Available

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The CardMatch Tool, which is offered by, often gives people access to bigger targeted card welcome bonuses. In order to use the tool you have to enter your name, address, and last four of your social security number, and based on that, it may make certain targeted offers available to you.

Over a year ago I wrote about how there was a targeted 100K welcome bonus on the Amex Platinum Card through the CardMatch Tool. The bonus stayed around for a while, and I wrote about it again in February, April, May, August, October, and November. That’s because it seems like more people are being targeted with this offer, so even if you weren’t targeted in the past, it pays to check again.

Every time I write about it I know a bunch of new people apply, so I’m guessing it’s a combination of new people being targeted, and also a lot of people having just not checked the previous time to see if they were targeted.

The CardMatch Tool continues to show this incredible 100K point offer, and there are also reports of more people being targeted, so if you haven’t yet applied and are eligible, I’d highly recommend doing so.

To see if you’re eligible for this welcome bonus of 100,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within three months, enter your info through this link. You might have to click on either “Pre-Qualified” or “CardMatch Special Offers” on the left side of the page to find this offer.

This is significantly better than the current publicly available bonus of 60,000 Membership Rewards points.

Again, this is targeted, so not everyone will be eligible. However, in general it makes sense to check the CardMatch Tool periodically to see if you’re targeted for any offers. Hopefully some of you are eligible for this 100,000 Amex Platinum Card offer and can take advantage of this.

The $550 annual fee Amex Platinum Card is one of my all around favorite credit cards, and comes with so many awesome benefits, including:

Get access to Amex Centurion Lounge with your Amex Platinum Card

If you are targeted for this offer, then I highly recommend taking advantage of this killer deal. The CardMatch Tool may also have targeted offers for some other cards, so I recommend checking it out to see what you’re eligible for.

Were you targeted for an Amex Platinum Card 100K offer (or anything else interesting) through the CardMatch Tool?

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  1. Worth reminding folks that if they’ve frozen their credit,’s tool won’t be able to find their credit profile even though it’s just a soft pull.

  2. Hello. AdamR is correct. If you put a credit freeze on your transunion account, unfreeze it temporarily (which is now free by law) and you will see offers pop up. you dont need to unfreeze the other two credit bureaus’ accounts.

  3. Any news when Amex will start paying for referrals so you can start talking about the new Amex Gold card???? :0)

  4. MarkG – It is funny that some of the best travel cards out there (Hilton Aspire, and potentially this AMEX Gold Card) get very little coverage on this blog, or similar blogs. Can’t really blame Lucky though.

  5. So when I first checked on my phone clicking this link, the offer was there for me. I closed it thinking “awesome, I’ll apply later today when I have more time to complete the application”. Now when I click through, the offer is no longer there 🙁

    Anyone know why it disappeared? Will only a limited number of people get the offer before it’s pulled right away?

  6. Gave up on being targeted for the 100k offer. I’ve checked a dozen times in the last few months. Just signed up for the 75k offer. At least it’s better then the 60k.

  7. I’m still only seeing the 60k bonus – I don’t currently have an amex and have excellent credit. Guessing I should wait and keep checking???

  8. So I had the AMEX Plat back in 2003-5 time period, so would being targeted mean that I could get the welcome bonus again? How would I double check that there won’t a bait and switch??

  9. @john

    Open the Amex platinum page in a private/incognito mode on a home computer. Leave the page up for an hour or 2 then refresh the page and a 75k offer should show

  10. SON OF A…..I checked, got the offer, clicked the link, was taken to the Amex website, clicked on “apply” and got the “this offer is no longer available” message. I was so excited. I won’t get this card unless I get the 100k offer.

  11. If you already have 2 Amex charge cards, Gold and Business Platinum, will you still get the offer?

    I have tried this several times and I never see it.

    If I had to cancel one, I would cancel the Biz Platinum to pick up the personal and then hold for 1 year and cancel and get the biz Platinum again for the 35% points refund. But I do not want to cancel a card and then find out I am not targeted

  12. bump^

    Has anyone gotten the targeted offer after signing up with new amex gold?
    Is there a max MR points amex will offer in lifetime?

  13. Wife didn’t offer on CardMatch but I referred her and she got bumped from 60k to 75k on referral (5k spend 3 mos) and I got 15k. 90k MR isn’t bad. She had the Mercedes Plat which she used the airline and saks credits for 2019 before closing it before the conversion (thus qualifying for the prorated AF refund). Worked out great with AMEX.

  14. I was willing to keep this card at $450 annual fee but when they raised it to $550, I canceled it! I use my CSR on a regular basis now.

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