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I’m sure many of you are familiar with the loyalty programs that Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, and Starwood offer, but how many of you are familiar with Fairmont’s loyalty program? I wasn’t really familiar with it either until my friend David brought it to my attention a few days ago. I’ve eyed Fairmont hotels a few times (especially the one in Banff), but I’ve ultimately always decided against them. Why? Because I look at them as being in the same class as Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, etc. Fine, I realize they’re maybe a level below Four Seasons, but still, I hate getting nickel-and-dimed, and that’s always what I associate high end hotels with. Some of the nickel-and-diming can be negated by having status with hotel chains, but I had always assumed Fairmont didn’t have a “real” loyalty program.

Well, it looks like I was wrong. Check out their page on member benefits. I guess what’s most impressive are the benefits “club” members get, which is the basic level you get just for signing up. Among other things, they get free in-room internet. Nice! Those with top tier status, which only takes 10 stays or 30 nights, get room/suite upgrades, free nights, welcome amenities, guaranteed early check-in and late check-out, etc.

I guess my point is that surprisingly (at least to me) Fairmont actually has a real loyalty program. Of course given the limited number of locations it’s probably impractical for most to achieve status with them, but their basic level comes with a few benefits that would make me consider staying at a Fairmont.

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  1. Fairmont Hotels has about the best loyalty program among the luxury level hotel programs I’ve looked over. Good program for west coasters and Canadians and many hotels have affordable rates for the not so affluent guest.

  2. When you factor in the NFAF rates that are around until the end of the year and the FPC basic benefits, you can have some very nice stays for very reasonable prices.

    I just did a stay at the Sonoma Mission Inn in one of their suites (and it was sweet) for under $400/night when the lowest published rate the night I arrived was over $800.

    There are also a number of very good Amex Platinum FHR deals with Fairmonts that also piggyback well with the FPC benefits.

  3. What also adds to the appeal of Fairmont (this year, anyway) are the widely available F&F rates.

    I stayed at the Fairmont Singapore back in May for only $139 SGD!

  4. Lucky, also check out the Omni hotels and their frequent guest program. although they are mainly US based and limited in locations, Omni Select Guests also get free internet and morning tea or coffee for being members at the basic level.

  5. And if you are Canadian, and have an AMEX Plat card, you can get top-tier with Fairmont after 5 nights per year. That combined with NFAF and Travelzoo rates means I stay there rather often!

    I like the free shoe-shine as well 🙂

  6. @ Ric — Sadly there’s not a whole lot out East, but I agree, they’re fantastic in Canada and on the West Coast.

    @ Gene — I can live with that if no minibar means I get the view from the Fairmont Banff hotel. That being said, a harbor view junior suite at the InterContinental Hong Kong + free minibar makes me a VERY happy camper. 😀

    @ Alex & jb381 — Yeah, those F&F rates are AMAZING!

    @ chitownflyer — Good point, I’ll look into them. I always see ads at airports for them which talk about free massages with any stay. I guess there are quite a few asterisks there?

    @ Brian — Wow, sounds like I need to get a Canadian Amex Plat.

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