Johnny Rockets Syracuse Airport Joins Priority Pass

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Over the past year we’ve seen several airport restaurants and bars in the US join Priority Pass. The concept is that at some airports Priority Pass has a tough time striking a deal with a major lounge due to crowding issues, so when that’s not possible, they instead work with a restaurant.

My assumption is that Priority Pass pays a fixed amount for each guest who enters a lounge, so instead Priority Pass is just paying these restaurants a fixed amount, and then you can spend some dollar amount at that restaurant (typically $28-30). So far in the US, Priority Pass restaurants & bars include the following:

Priority Pass has just added their latest US restaurant location — Johnny Rockets at Syracuse Airport. The restaurant is open from 10:30AM until 7PM daily. It’s located just after the security checkpoint, so once through security turn left and head towards North Concourse B, and the restaurant will be on the left side. This restaurant should be accessible regardless of which airline you’re flying.

I think most of us have probably heard of Johnny Rockets, though here’s how they describe it:

Johnny Rockets offers a high quality innovative menu including fresh, never frozen 100% ‘Angus’ beef cooked-to-order burgers, fries and hand-spun shakes.

Priority Pass members will be entitled to $28 worth of food & drinks per person. Furthermore, members will be required to show an outbound boarding pass for confirmed same-day travel, which is a restriction we’re increasingly seeing (this means you can’t get the credit at the restaurant upon arrival).

The Priority Pass member will be responsible for any overage beyond the $28 credit, and that credit can’t be applied towards gratuity (and personally I think it’s appropriate to tip, as a Priority Pass membership is just a form of payment here).

You can find the generic Johnny Rockets menu online here, and as you’d expect it includes things like shakes, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more. Overall it’s not exactly the healthiest cuisine, and not what I really want to eat before getting on a plane, but…

As a reminder, the following are some of the popular credit cards that come with Priority Pass memberships (I’ve also listed the respective guesting privileges):

Card# Of Guests Who Get Free AccessAuthorized User AccessCost To Add Authorized User
Chase Sapphire Reserve®2Yes$75 Per Person
Citi Prestige® Credit Card2Yes$75 Per Person
The Platinum Card® from American Express

No access to Priority Pass restaurants as of August, 2019.
2Yes$175 For Up To 3 People, $175 For Each Additional Person Beyond That (Rates & Fees)
The Business Platinum® Card from American Express

No access to Priority Pass restaurants as of August, 2019.
2Yes$300 Per Person (Rates & Fees)
Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card

No access to Priority Pass restaurants as of August, 2019.
Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card

No access to Priority Pass restaurants as of August, 2019.

Bottom line

Johnny Rockets is the largest food & beverage outlet at Syracuse Airport, so it’s nice that Priority Pass members can spend $28 per person on food and drinks. The restriction of requiring an outbound boarding pass is becoming more common, so don’t expect to be able to use this restaurant on arrival.

Is anyone planning on checking out Johnny Rockets at Syracuse Airport using Priority Pass?

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

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  1. I don’t think a single person could eat $28 worth of food at a Johnny Rockets… even at airport inflated prices haha

  2. Oh man! This is such a premium venue! I can’t wait until the McDonald’s in DTW North Terminal joins Priority Pass!!!

  3. Amex Platinum only gets 1 guest at no charge, and why not include Citi Prestige? Must not get referral bonuses anymore.

  4. Slow news day?
    Just trying to be constructive, and I know you say not every post is supposed to interest everyone, but this is veeeerrrrrrrryyyyy niche and probably the least relevant post I’ve ever read in many years on OMAAT. I don’t think we need a headline story on every fast food joint that joins PP.. maybe keep a master list post if you think it’s helpful?

  5. @ flying_foxy — Fair enough, I appreciate the feedback. I’ve shared every restaurant that has joined the US Priority Pass lounge network. Initially I did it because the concept was still really unique and there were just a few restaurants, but perhaps as that list continues to grow I should go about it differently. Personally I find the expansion of Priority Pass to restaurants to be very interesting, but totally see your perspective.

  6. I think this is a great idea. Most J lounges are pathetic, frankly, and something that offers an alternative is a positive. It won’t suit everyone, for sure, but it’s a clever idea and one suspects it’s going to grow.

  7. I like these updates and I agree with Lucky that these Priority Pass restaurants are very interesting. While I probably won’t be flying through SYR anytime soon, I also don’t have the time to go to the Priority Pass website every month to check on new openings. So I appreciate them being added to OMAAT as I would have never known about other openings (that I have used) if it wasn’t for this website.

  8. FWIW, I appreciate the updates on venues being added to (and dropped from) Priority Pass.

  9. It is an ok place and generally it would be hard for 2 people to spend $28 there.

    Would be nice if they had something at BWI or PHX.

  10. I LOVE seeing airport restaurants being added to Priority Pass. When I fly from Gatwick South I don’t even bother trying to access the lounge anymore — I head straight to the excellent Grain Store for proper food instead.

  11. It’s great to see a chain being added to priority pass. Gives hope for other airport locations as well.

  12. If you don’t find this interesting, why are you reading the story or even bothering to comment. Personally, I like knowing about expansions to the PP system and Lucky is providing a valuable service in bringing this to attention. As someone who frequently flies out of upstate NY, thank you! for publishing this as I had seen nothing about this anywhere else.

    I do think it’s interesting though that PP would expand by adding an affiliation at SYR. For the most part – outside of COS and LEX – the PP lounge/restaurant network has few locations at non-hubs. I wonder how SYR was chosen and what it says about future expansion decisions for PP.

  13. If anyone finds themselves at PVD with a 6 hr layover and they’re feeling lucky…get a bite to eat at Johnny Rockets in their Lilliputian food court. If you order strategically i.e don’t order anything cooked, you might get your order in less than 5 hrs.
    Oh, and there’s often 6+ workers behind the counter.
    I’m not kidding. For a chuckle, check out Trip Advisor.

  14. I’ve been flying to SYR almost weekly for the past 8 months, so this is nice to hear about. My colleagues and I often stop here for dinner before our flights home. For those interested, this location has a solid local beer selection in addition to the usual Johnny Rockets menu.

    As for why this sort of random addition to the PP options, SYR has zero lounges and is currently undergoing a massive remodel. I wouldn’t be surprised if the airport authority itself had a hand in this move – it’s possible they don’t have space for a true lounge but still want to upgrade the experience for frequent travelers in some way. Just a theory!

  15. I would encourage you to keep posting these. I am flying to Syracuse at the end of the year and would not have even bothered to look at the Priority Pass app to see if there was a lounge considering the size of the airport. It’s nice to know that I can grab a free bite to eat while flying out at the end of the trip.

  16. Still hoping against hope that they will add something network at IND. Will make those inevitable delays back home somewhat bearable.

  17. A few strip joints need to join the PP.

    strip joints at an airport are a good idea to pass the time and would be a great addition to PP.

  18. Thanks for the update! We live in Syracuse and I had no idea this was now an option, so slow news day or not it was helpful to me!

  19. While I will probably never fly to SYR, I do like the concept of adding restaurants. While most people were disappointed with Johnny Rockets, it is probably the best restaurant an airport like SYR has to offer, and the food is still better than what many US lounges offer. I recently tried the new Alaska lounge at JFK and the only food they had was machine made pancakes and bean soup. Bean soup before a flight??? I’d rather go to Johnny Rockets!

  20. Love the update Lucky personally, though it doesn’t affect everyone or even a lot of people I fly through Syracuse a lot and would have never known about this or even thought to look for it had I not seen it on here.

  21. I don’t ever expect to fly in/out of Syracuse, but I do like Johnny Rockets. I’ve never spent close to $28 in one.

  22. Thanks for sharing, Lucky. Unlike some others, I do fly in/out of SYR quite a bit, so this is helpful as I’d never think to check PP’s website for such an airport.

  23. Thanks, Lucky!! We will be there for a wedding later this month, so I’m looking forward to grabbing a few beers there! Also… Even if I wasn’t heading there, I appreciate these updated restaurant lists as well. Keeps this benefit top of mind!! Thanks!

  24. Lovin’ the addition!. In my first visit to the US as a child I discovered the joy of an Oreo Shake at Jhonny Rockets.

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